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Rebel Skitters.

Skitters are an alien species that feature in Falling Skies.




The Skitters were an alien species that were from a distant world that was similar to Earth in atmosphere, diversity of life and the coverage of water over its surface.

Originally, they were an eight legged race known as the Dorniya. They were enslaved by the Espheni and mutated into Skitters generations ago. It was believed by the Volm that the Skitters had been extinct from their original form for centuries. (Episode: Hatchlings) At an unknown point, a number of Skitters developed the ability to resist the Harnesses used to control them. This allowed them to operate under their own free will which they used to stage a rebellion against the Overlords. (Episode: Molon Labe) These few Skitters that managed to resist the effects of a Harness had been attempting to overthrow the Espheni for more than 100 years. On each attempt, they fought and resisted only to fail every time they revolted against the Overlords. (Episode: Love and Other Acts of Courage)

At an unknown point, their planet was invaded by the Espheni who enslaved the race and used them as slaves in the conquest of other worlds. This saw the aliens being brought during the invasion of Earth where they were referred to as Skitters by the human population. Mankind came to believe that the Skitters were the invaders of their planet and thus were completely unaware that the insectoid race were themselves slaves to the Overlords.


A new leader became in charge of the Skitter rebellion following the death of Red Eye who was much more impatient compared to the former leader and aggressive in his actions. (Episode: The Pickett Line) Seven months after the arrival of the Volm, the Skitter rebellion assisted the resistance during their strike on a slave mining base. Ben Mason summoned them through his harness in order to fight off the enslaved Skitters. Afterwards, they returned to Charleston though they were disturbed by the anti-Skitter talk and xenophobia demonstrated by some humans. As a result, they preferred to camp outside the city where they gathered intelligence that a new Overlord had been selected who was human. The rebel Skitters later relayed this information to President Tom Mason and expressed their concern over mankind's new Volm allies. (Episode: On Thin Ice)

After the capture of Dr Glass and her alien half daughter Alexis, the rebel Skitters reported to Charleston that the pair were in the hands of the new Overlord Karen. However, their operatives were unable to determine the location where Glass and Alexis were being held. When Hal Mason was captured, it was believed that some form of Espheni technology such as Eyebugs were controlling him. This led to President Mason consulting the rebel Skitters for any cure who had created a biological hunter-killer to remove such organisms. However, the serum was only used as a last resort and had never been tested on a human. Following that point, the rebel Skitters informed President Mason that Dr Glass and Alexis were held at a Espheni outpost in Mechanicsville. (Episode: Be Silent and Come Out) At a rendezvous with Tom Mason, the rebel Skitter leader got ambushed by a loyalist patrol and died as a result but not before warning the Masons. (Episode: The Pickett Line)

The rebel Skitters were noted for being nervous about the Volm after the Overlord's defensive grid was knocked offline. (Episode: Brazil) Rebel Skitters were taken and converted into flying mindless drones. (Episode: The Eye) After the destruction of the lunar power station, the Skitters became somewhat divided and began to scavenge for any source of food that included other members of their kind or corpses. (Episode: Find Your Warrior) A horde of Skitters without a controlling Overlord devolved to a rabid state where they attacked the 2nd Mass and even attacked one another. (Episode: Hunger Pains) With power gone, the Overlords were denied use of vehicles such as Mechs or Beamers so instead bred large numbers of Skitters and Hornets to overwhelm their enemies on Earth. (Episode: Hatchlings)


A nerve bundle was situated just above the soft palate that was a possible pressure point. There was no bone to separate the brain fro the soft palate. (Episode: Grace) Skitters were able to use their legs to climb up trees and were able to jump from one trunk to another. (Episode: Search and Recover) A special breed of Skitter referred to as Black Hornets lacked any legs but instead below their waist had a long tail and moved around with the aid of their wings which allowed them to fly across the landscape. (Episode: Ghost in the Machine) Such specimens were actually genetically altered rebel Skitters that were transformed into mindless drones to serve the Espheni. (Episode: The Eye) Despite their alien form, they shared many traits similar to humans such as muscles, bones and a circulatory system. (Episode: What Hides Beneath) Skitter flesh was not consumable with any attempt to eat it leading to a quick and violent death as the individuals flesh melted with them suffering from intense bleeding. (Episode: Hunger Pains) Skitters were capable of communicating by the means of radio waves. (Episode: Silent Kill) As a result, they tended to generate signals and static that could be picked up on radios. These transmissions by the Skitter were not very strong thus preventing them from signaling others by themselves over larger distances. (Episode: Grace)

Among the biggest elements of a Skitter was that they also were implanted with Harnesses and mutated into their role to serve the Overlords. (Episode: What Hides Beneath) They were able to channel their presence through individuals with a Harness or remnants of such implants. Some tended to be gentle in their ability to channel themselves through a harness whilst others tended to be nervous from such experiences. (Episode: The Pickett Line) Among the Harnessed children, a Skitter served as a Guardian to the humans and bonded to the other children in its group who acted as their siblings. (Episode: Death March) In a strange way, a Skitter Guardian felt a genuine sense of care for the Harnessed children under their charge with a sense of family being present. (Episode: Sanctuary, Part 1) Without an Overlord in charge, a Skitter was left in a rabid state where they lacked any coordination, attacked one another and sought out any source of food. (Episode: Hunger Pains)

A group of Skitters managed to turn against the Overlords with these few seeking to defeat the Espheni. (Episode: The Price of Greatness) The rebel Skitters painted a red stripe over the right side of their side that covered the eye region. Rebels tended to view the one known as Red Eye as a god and were completely loyal to the cause of rebelling against the Espheni. (Episode: The Pickett Line) They had also managed to develop a biological hunter-killer designed to track and destroy Eyebug implants within a body. These targeted the foreign organism on a molecular level to destroy them but were only used as a last resort. However, they had never been tested on mankind and had the potential of killing a human subject. These hunter-killers were kept contained in a pod-shaped construct secured in a green amber-like container. Once opened, small grain-like organisms existed the pod and entered into the designated body to destroy the alien parasite. (Episode: Be Silent and Come Out)


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  • Falling Skies: "On Thin Ice" (2013)
  • Falling Skies: "The Pickett Line" (2013)

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