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Sledge is a male television extraterrestrial villain who features in Power Rangers.



Sledge was an alien bounty hunter who was over 65 million years old where since prehistoric times he operated as an outlaw. He gathered anything from asteroids to rare items as part of his living with him earning thousands of Space Bullion for his conquests. In time, he came to operate his own spacecraft and commanded his own crew where in time he met Poisandra with her becoming his beloved bride. At some point, he came to learn of the existence of the Energems and sought to acquire them but the ten relics were in possession of the Keeper. The Keeper attempted to hide from Sledge who purused him across space with their chase taking them to Earth. One of his henchmen was dispatched to recover the gems after the Keeper's ship crashed on Earth but instead accidently returned with a bomb that detonated. The explosion damaged Sledge's ship and caused its collection of asteroids to become dislodged where they rained on the surface of the planet causing the mass extinction of the dinosaurs along with the Energems seemingly becoming lost.


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  • Sledge was portrayed by actor Adam Gardiner and featured as an antagonist in Power Rangers Dino Charge.
  • The character was an original creation of the Power Rangers franchise and was not based on a villain from the Super Sentai series.


  • Power Rangers Dino Charge:

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