Social Welfare Agency (Gunslinger Girl)

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The Social Welfare Agency is an agency that features in Gunslinger Girl.



The Social Welfare Agency was an agency that was created by the Italian government seemingly for the task of actively helping those that had been seriously injured.

This led to rumors spreading about the existence of an organization that used young girls as assassins.


According to the agency, the reasoning behind the use of children was because the physical modification and brainwashing process apparently worked better the younger the subject.

The pairing between the handler and their child assassin was known as a "fratello" where it was described by outsiders as being a brother and sister relationship. A handler was responsible for their cyborg and some believed them to be simply tools which meant that they should not be emotionally attached to them. One option considered when a cyborg assassin was not under control was to simply dispose of them. However, another option was increasing the level of conditioning done on them but this came at the price of shortening the assassin's lifespan if too much was done on the subject.



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