Sons of Mithras (Da Vinci's Demons)

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The Sons of Mithras are a secret society that features in Da Vinci's Demons.



The Sons of Mithras were a secret society and fraternity that operated in the world. They were members of a religion that was worshipped long before the rise of Christianity. This group were known to operate from temples that were once used by their ancient religion. The Sons of Mithras sought to preserve and spread knowledge that had been forgotten thus bringing progress to civilization. At some point, a fallen member of the fraternity known as Lupo Mercuri betrayed his comrades where he joined the Vatican to serve as curator of the Secret Archives. This group sought to hunt down the Sons of Mithras and find the legendary compendium of knowledge set within the Book of Leaves. A member of the Sons was seeking clues to its whereabouts but was caught and executed during his quest. (Episode: The Hanged Man)


Members of this order were known to disseminate and preserve knowledge with their quest being the recovery of the compendium known as the Book of Leaves. An invocation was spoken by members of the order where they greeted one another and served as a means for them to identity themselves as being members of the fraternity. The words spoken were "I am a son of Earth and starry Heaven. I am thirsty, please give me something to drink from the fountain of memory." (Episode: The Hanged Man)


  • The Turk : (Episode: The Hanged Man)



  • Da Vinci's Demons: "The Hanged Man"

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