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The Spartan is an unnamed video game character that features in Spartan: Total Warrior.




The Spartan was the child of a handmaid of the goddess Aphrodite who witnessed the affair between her and the god of war, Ares. This led to Aphrodites husband finding out about about the lovers and leading to Ares humiliation. In anger, he vowed revenge against the handmaid and killed her but learnt that she had a child who was hidden away for his own protection. The child was given immortal powers in order to further protect him from Ares wrath in the future. There was no evidence or hint for him to learn of his parentage and thus he was abandoned for his own good.

Sparta under Siege

Growing up in the Greek city of Sparta, the unnamed warrior joined the legions of the warrior people. He did not know where he had come from, what his purpose was and what even his name was. When he was of age, his city was under siege by the Roman Empire whose Emperor Tiberius sent General Crassus to take the city. When King Leonidas was briefing his men on the war, the Spartan heard a voice in his head from the god of war Ares who claimed to be a beneficial god that wanted to aid the Spartan in discovering his past in exchange the Spartan would destroy Ares enemies.

The Spartan along with Castor and Pollux defended the city from the Roman invaders who had surrounded Sparta and sent their soldiers in to take it. With the siege ramps up, they entered into the walled city but the Spartan along with his comrades managed to repell them enough to allow sappers to plant bombs onto the large platforms thus destroying them. With that complete, he was called upon with other warriors to protect gates that led into the inner parts of the city as a Roman legion was storming the walls through ladders. At this point, King Leonidas had joined the battle and eventually they were able to repel the invaders.

However, the battle was not over yet as the Romans brought in their siege equipment. Both the Spartan and King Leonidas witnessed a gigantic bronze titan war machine that was unleashed by the Romans. This was Talos and its entry into the city would spell the end of Sparta. At the same time, Roman siege engineers were arriving to break through the door which required the Spartan to drop hot oil on them killing them in the process. To deal with Talos, the Spartan was required to fire catapults at the giant metallic humanoid warrior in order to defeat it. This forced the Spartan warrior to fight Roman warriors, dump the hot oil onto the Roman siege engineers and fire the catapults as Talos approached the city. Just as the giant mechanical man reached the wall, the final catapult was fired by the Spartan which toppled the warrior.

King Leonidas jokingly reprimanded the Spartan for his slow timing and that Talos's death resulted in the destruction of a perfectly good building. However, the battle was not over and the Spartan was called to fight once again as the Romans were still a threat to Sparta.

Blades of Athena

As the battle continued, the Spartan heard the voice of Ares once more who told him to reclaim something that the Romans had stolen from his people which was the Blades of Athena from the enemy camp. He left his post in secret and took Castor with him to sneak past the enemy army in order to break into their camp, free any prisoners and take the Blades. Castor was skeptical on his plan but the Spartan said it was better to die as a warrior of Sparta then wait for the Roman catapults to kill them though Castor voiced that King Leonidas would be displeased of their leaving their post. However, the Spartan was not dissuaded and continued through the woods to enter the Roman camp.

Once inside, he had to battle numerous Roman guards and attempted to prevent the ring bearers from alerting more of them. With that complete, he snuck into the camp and ignited a number of powder explosives to get by whatever obstacles in his path until he reached the main part of the encampment where he battled Roman warriors. It was there he heard Ares voice asking that the Spartan to kill the enemy and send their souls to the god of war.

Moving past the guard towers and through the trenches, the Spartan made his way passed the command posts where he encountered guards with small ballista platforms that served as gun turrets which the warrior and Castor managed to dispatch. They later also ambushed a Roman unit in the camp before discovering the Blades of Athena. He also discovered an unknown woman there at which point Roman soldiers ambushed the trio.

After defeating their enemies, they encountered prisoners which they managed to free and escorted them along with the mysterious woman to outside the Roman camp where Pollux was as King Leonidas discovered that the Spartan had abandoned his post to attack the enemy camp. Together with Pollux's detachment, they attempted to return to the city.

A New Roman Offensive

Taking the prisoners to the city, the Spartan was required to protect them while the bridge they crossed was being mined with explosives which were set to detonate. Holding off the soldiers with the defensive ballista platforms, the Spartan was successful in keeping the enemy away from the prisoners after which the bridge exploded and stranded the Romans on the other side. With victory attained on this front, Castor began to praise himself and the Spartans to which the mysterious female warrior took offensive by saying that she had greatly aided them. She then revealed her identity as Electra, princess of the Amazons. Her warriors and herself were following the Roman Empire's march through Greece for several days. The Romans then attacked them after the fall of Athens and to let her sisters escape, Electra stayed behind to hold them off after which she was captured. In the camp, however, she managed to kill her guards and attempted to escape when the Spartan and Castor arrived.

Rather then continue explaining, she asked to be taken to King Leonidas as she had information on a new war machine the Roman Empire legion possessed which they planned on unleashing onto the city of Sparta. Her information proved to be true as Roman General Crassus had his men capture the Gorgon Medusa and constructed a complex machine around her. Using her gaze, they managed to redirect her powers to turn phalanxes of men into stone. The Spartan was charged with defeating this new weapon by King Leonidas himself but had to break the siege the Romans had established around the city trenches through their ballista emplacements. With that complete, he joined his king to assault the Roman forces as Medusa's gaze was sent into ranks turning both Romans and warriors of Sparta to stone.

After breaking through, he joined Castor and Pollux as they were besieged by Roman archers on towers. The Spartan was tasked with taking out the enemy so the soldiers of Sparta could make it to the temple. After fighting off numerous Romans and blowing a hole into the temple to attack their weapon, he encountered General Crassus who revealed the origin of the weapon being Medusa herself. He was impressed and cut off the Gorgon's head to use her power against the Spartan but was defeated and killed with the Medusa shield falling into the Spartans hand.

The weapon was destroyed and many soldiers had died in the battle but Ares told him that the war was not over and in order to win, the Spartan needed the Spear of Achilles which was located in Troy.

The Barbarians

Taking Electra, Castor, Pollux and a group of Spartan warriors, the unnamed Spartan makes his journey for Troy without informing King Leonidas. Crossing the desert, they came under attack from the barbarian hordes and were forced to fight these enemies. After destroying numerous barbarian camps, they discovered that some villagers were being terrorised by a Gigantes which was a large monstrous Humanoid which the Spartan managed to slay as more attackers came. Along the way, they freed a number of prisoners who were allowed to return to their villages in the lowlands. However, the barbarians were massing to attack them once again so the Spartan told Castor and Pollux to take their soldiers to Troy while he and Electra stayed behind to ensure the safety of the villagers after which they would meet up. As the barricades were set up, the Spartan heard the call of the barbarian leader, Beowulf who called for their best champion to fight him.

When the Spartan came out, Beowulf was not impressed that a foreign warrior had arrived to fight for the villagers and thus forced the warrior from Sparta to fight his bodyguards first. After defeating the guards, Beowulf decided to attack with his entire army and the Spartan was forced to retreat into the village and fight the barbarian invaders as well as a number of Gigantes. Despite defeating the first wave, the second wave of attackers forced the Spartan and Electra to take the villagers to safety in the Hilltop camp. There, he came before Beowulf who agreed to fight the warrior. In the fight, Beowulf had a number of his berserkers aid him but he was ultimately defeated. With his defeat, the Spartan claimed his weapon Death-Biter and attacked the remaining barbarians who were slaughtered thus freeing the villagers from their tyranny.

With the villagers saved, the Spartan and Electra moved to reunite with their comrades at the Ruins of Troy.


Once in the ruins of Troy his mind was besieged with voices he could not fathom and heard Electra calling out to him. Returning to his senses, he bade her to wait for him while he went into the ruins where he discovered that Roman soldiers had occupied the destroyed city which he was forced to fight. Fighting through the ruins, he came upon a broken bridge that was assembled suddenly through magic whereupon the Spartan encountered Aelius Sejanus, the Praetorian Prefect of the Roman Empire. He revealed to the Spartan that he had been given command by Emperor Tiberius of the Roman invasion forces after General Crassus defeat to which Sejanus believed thta the General became naive and too dependant on his grand weapon technology. He called Crassus a fool for his emphasis on pure brute force which, in Sejanus's eyes, was a primitive level of thinking. He assured the Spartan that he would not be making the same mistake and revealed that he made use of sorcery whereupon he suddenly summoned an army of undead to battle the Spartan.

After fighting through numerous Roman soldiers, undead and assassins, the Spartan arrived at the heart of the ruins where Sejanus was located. There lied the Tomb of Achilles to which Sejanus commented on it being a suitable resting place for the greatest of Greek heroes as well as the location where the Spear of Achilles was located. Sejanus was impressed with the Spartans skill but informed him that he had reached the end of his journey and that he would die in the tomb. At which point he revealed Nemesis, a magical copy of the Spartan who was his polar opposite. Possessing the same skills, mind set and abilities as the Spartan; Nemesis also possessed the Spear of Achilles and was tasked by Sejanus to kill the Spartan. After fighting and defeating his dark counterpart, the Spartan claimed the spear as his latest weapon for use against the Romans.

Once he rejoined with his comrades, they worked together to fight the undead hordes and Roman soldiers of Sejanus who had trapped them Spartans in the ruins of Troy. They eventually managed to fight the Praetorians of Sejanus before the Roman general summoned a new army of undead with his dark magic


Personality and traits

The Spartan lived by the ideals of a warrior and believed in fighting and that it was better to die in battle then be safe from the enemies assaults.

Powers and abilities

He was armed with a variety of weapons that he acquired which included the:

  • Blades of Athena : These were ancient weapons that took the form of two swords which were said to have been forged in the furnaces of Hephaestus. The Blades were said to have been lost during the Trojan War and looted from the temple at Athens by the Roman Empire who kept them as a trophy until the Spartan recovered them. It had the god power of bringing down lightning and sending enemies flying backwards from the shock attack.
  • Medusa Shield : This golden shield was enchanted with the power of the Gorgon Medusa and had the god power of turning others into stone. It was in the possession of General Crassus until his death.
  • Death-Biter : This large two handed warhammer was in the possession of the barbarian Beowulf who claimed it to have been forged in the Fires of Jotunheim and quenched in the blood of giants. It was originally in the hands of a Jotun king that Beowulf had slain and used by the barbarian warlord in his campaign. Its powerful god-like attack involved it being slammed into the ground creating a shockwave that sends enemies all around the warrior flying backwards.
  • Spear of Achilles : Entombed within the resting place of the legendary Greek warrior Achilles. It was discovered by the Roman sorceror Sejanus who gave it to his evil magical construct of the Spartan called Nemesis. After defeating his foe, the Spartan claimed the spear which had a powerful attack against multiple foes.


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