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The Spear of Triam is a weapon that features in Wrath of the Titans.



The Spear of Triam was a weapon created in ancient times by the Greek god Hephaestus who was aided in its forging by the Cyclopes. Once created, it was used in the primordial war against the Titan Kronos who after his defeat was trapped in Tartarus. Tartarus itself was designed and built by Hephaetus who built it from the outside which meant he left passageways to enter into the great prison After Kronos's defeat, it was split into three separate components that were split among three gods. These parts included the Thunderbolt of Zeus, the Trident of Poseidon and the Pitchfork of Hades. Each became the personal relic of their patron god though they had the power to be resembled in order to fight the threat of a Titan such as Kronos. When the faith in the Greek gods began to waiver, Hades among others felt that the fear in mortals needed to be reignited and so he released the Kraken. However, the creature was killed by the demigod Perseus and Hades disappeared once more. In the aftermath, the faith that empowered the gods began to lead to their magic and immortality to weaken. As a result, their power and the great works they had done began to fail. At this point, Hades struck a bargain with his father Kronos who offered those that sided with him their immortality. In exchange, he desired Zeus's remaining divine power to free himself from his prison in Tartarus. Thus, Hades arranged with Ares to trick both Zeus and Poseidon to come to Tartarus where he claimed that he intended to stop the freedom of the Titan Kronos. Once there, they mortally wounded Poseidon and captured Zeus where they intended to sacrifice him to the Titan. The wounded Poseidon later warned Perseus of this betrayal and asked the demigod to find Agenor the Navigator where they were to seek the Fallen One. After meeting Poseidon's son Agenor, Perseus learnt that the Fallen One was Hephaestus who had created the Spear of Triam and now resided on the Island of Kail which was hidden and protected by Cyclopes.

Once there, he learnt from Hephaestus that the Spear was actually the three weapons used by Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. They held Posiedon's trident after the sea god was killed at the treacherous hands of Ares. However, Hades trident remained in his hands and Zeus's thunderbolt had been taken by the lord of the underworld who had allied with Kronos. Perseus alongside Agenor and Andromeda managed to travel into Tartarus where they freed Zeus who had managed to convince his brother Hades of the error of his ways. Despite Hades change of heart, Kronos was freed from his imprisonment and was about to burst from his mountain prison. At this time, Perseus challenged Ares and killed the war god whereupon he assembled the three parts of the Spear of Triam. Once assembled, Perseus rode upon Pegasus where he was supported by Zeus and Hades who distracted the Titan Kronos. This allowed Perseus to journey into Kronos's maw with the Spear which was used to slay the mighty Titan.


This god weapon was composed of three separate components that when assembled had great power to the point it was able to defeat the most powerful of the Titans. The three components once brought together merged together to form a massive spear that bristled with godly power.


  • Wrath of the Titans: (2012)

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