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'Jersey Devil to 2025
2026 to 89th Century BC
90,000 years from now to Alex Rinaldo
Alex Summers to Anton Sevarius
Antonin Dovchenko to Avalanche (Marvel)
Avalar to Betsy Ross (Marvel)
Bette Kane to Book of Peace
Book of Rage to Camelot (DC)
Cameron to Charlie (Universal Monsters)
Charlie Degler to Commander Broton
Commander Carter to Cybrids (Starsiege)
Cybron to Dean
Dean, Karolina to Doctor Impossible
Doctor K (Power Rangers) to Dumbledore, Aberforth
Dummy (DC) to Empirikul
Emplate to February 15
February 16 to Fred Stickley
Fred VII to Gennaro, Donald
Geno Furness to Graymalkin
Graymalkin Industries to Harman
Harmaticon to Hooligan
Hooper to Inferno (Beast Wars)
Inferno (Inhuman) to Jango Fett
Janice Em to Jokerz
Jolen (Marvel) to Kayla Christine
Kazim to Kronos (Highlander)
Kronos (Marvel) to Lew Moxon
Lewis Dodgson to Luna Nova Magical Academy
Luna Snow to Marine
Marine (Raccon City) to Megazarak (Superlink)
Megazarak (Transformers Universe) to MjNari (X-Men: The Animated Series)
Mjolnir (Marvel) to Mystara
Mysteries of Acathla to Nisko
Nitro to Opal Tanaka
Opar to Paul Kirby
Paul Kirk (DC) to Primacron
Primacron's Assistant to Quintessence
Quintessence (DC) to Renuyu
Replica soldier to Ruth Aldine
Ruth Thomas to Sea of Geduld
Sea of Silt to Shung
Shupnikkurat to Spartan (Spartan: Total Warrior)
Spartan (Wildstorm) to Subdermal governors
Sublime (Marvel) to Team X (Marvel)
Tears of the Prophets to Tiger Conklin
Tiger Shark (Marvel) to Tula (DC)
Tulku to Vedley
Vedrans (Andromeda) to Weather Report (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
Weather Wizard to Xel'lotath
Xelandra to Ōtsutsuki Clan
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