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'Jersey Devil to 2025
2026 to 89th Century BC
90,000 years from now to Alhazred, Abdul
Alhazred, Abdul (Marvel) to Arachnid
Arachnids (Starship Troopers) to Bajor
Bajoran Wormhole to Black Adam
Black Air to Brotherhood of Hecate
Brotherhood of Light (Castlevania) to Cashew
Casket of Ancient Winters to Clarence Boddicker
Clark Ashton to Crimson Dynamo
Crimson Fox to Darkstars (DC)
Darkwatch (organization) to Dino Egg
Dinosaucers (group) to Dresden Slate
Drew Vance to Emperor of Mankind
Empire (Warhammer Fantasy) to Fedora
Feist to Frightful Four
Fringe Division to Ghizghuth
Ghost (Marvel) to Griffin (Invisible Man)
Griffin (Marvel) to Helen Collins (Nikita)
Helen Magnus to Hydra
Hydra (Marvel) to Ithkul
Ivan to Jin Kazama
Jinette, Cardinal to Karl Malus
Karl Ruprect Kroenen to Koskov, General Georgi
Kothoga to Leviathan (Farscape)
Leviathan (Marvel) to Luxans
Lycan to Martin Torque
Martin Trowbridge to Mertz
Meruem to Mordor
Mordred (Marvel) to Nefir Hassenuf
Nega-Bands to Obidalbedsugs
Object (Heavy Object) to Padishah Emperor
Padmé Amidala to Pokemon League
Pokenip to Qiqirn
Qo'noS to Redjack
Redstone to Russian units in Warfront: Turning Point
Rute Gunnay to Sectaurs (species)
Section 13 to Simon Hurt
Simon Katanga to Spookhouse (organization)
Spore (Marvel) to Sylvanas Windrunner
Sylvania (Warhammer Fantasy) to The First (Crossgen)
The Fog (Young Justice) to Trader Moe
Tradeworld to Urzkartaga
Usagi (Juuni Taisen) to Ward (Resident Evil)
Ward Meachum to Xana
Xanatos to Æon Society
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