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'Jersey Devil to 2025
2026 to 89th Century BC
90,000 years from now to Alexander Luthor Jr.
Alexander Slater to Apocrypha of Yzarc
Apokolips to Azarath
Azathoth to Big Ben Donovan
Big Boss to Box of Balefire
Bra'tac to Captain Briggs
Captain Britain Corps to Chieftain (Pirates of Dark Water)
Chig War to Constrictor (DC)
Constrictor (Marvel) to Daemonites
Daemons to Deep Six (DC)
Deep Space Nine to Dordaba
Doreen Green to Echo (Dollhouse)
Echo (Marvel) to Eternal Ones
Eternal Torch (Hercules) to Firestorm (DC)
Firmus Piett to Gabriel Logan
Gabriel Marie to Gilotina
Gilramos Libkath to Grybyx
Gua to Hell Gods
Hellboy to Hydra
Hydra (Marvel) to Iscariot (Hellsing)
Isengard to Jesse Reese
Jessica Cruz to Kalak
Kaldane to Kintobor, Dr.
Kippler Volumes to Lazarus Malkoth
Lazarus Pit to Lord Bala (Virgin Comics)
Lord Carradine to Makluans
Mako Mori (Pacific Rim) to Maxima (DC)
Maximals to Mimic (BIONICLE)
Mimic (Bionicle) to Ms. Gsptlsnz
Ms. Marvel to Nexus (Star Trek)
Nexus of All Realities to Olga Danilova
Oliver Queen (Arrow) to Paraelemental, Magma
Paraelemental, Ooze to Power (Dungeons and Dragons)
Power Booster Rod to Quasielemental Plane of Dust
Quasielemental Plane of Lightning to Reeve
Refa, Lord to Roxy Rocket
Roy (Darkman) to Scourge of Carpathia
Scourge of the Underworld to Shou-Lao the Undying
Shran to Spark Man (United Features)
Sparkle to Suit of Sorrows
Sukehiro, Yami to Ted Grant (DC)
Ted Hughes to Time Masters (DC)
Time Sphere to Tyrande Whisperwind
Tyranids to Vernon Stone
Veronica (The Lost World) to Whitaker, Brad
White to Yautja equipment
Yavid, General to Ōtsutsuki Clan
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