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'Jersey Devil to 2025
2026 to 89th Century BC
90,000 years from now to Alex Danvers
Alex Mercer to Antilles, Bail
Antilles, Captain to Autobots
Autobots (Armada) to Bert Pritchard
Bert Walker to Bolin (The Legend of Korra)
Bolivar Trask to Cain (RoboCop)
Cain (Robocop) to Chaos (Transformers)
Chaos Dwarfs to Colonel Dietrich
Colonel Dimitri to Cutler Beckett
Cutter (G.I. Joe) to David Reed
David Singh to Disboard (No Game No Life)
Disciple (Spawn) to Drake (Blade)
Drake Mallard to Elisa Maza
Elise (League of Legends) to Fairies (The Magicians)
Fairweather to Fortress of Solitude
Fortuna, Bib to Gasgano
Gastark to Golden Path (Dune)
Golden Race to Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki
Hai-Genti to Herr Fiend
Herr Kleiser to Ichi-kun Ichinohei
Ichigo Kurosaki to J. Gander Hoover
J. Jonah Jameson to Jimmy Natale
Jimmy Olsen to Kamehameha (Dragon Ball)
Kamehameha Wave to Kira Nerys
Kirei Kotomine to Lawless League
Lawrence Chesney to Lockjaw, Tom
Lockjaw (Marvel) to Mainframe (Reboot)
Mainframe (Transformers) to Match
Match (DC) to Midnighter
Midtown High School to Motorball
Motti, Admiral to Negative Universe
Negative Zone (Marvel) to O'Ryan, Bart
O*N*E to Outriders (Saber Rider)
Outriders (Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs) to Piccolo
Picotech Regenerative Ordnance with a Tactically Evolving Adaptatio... to Prophets (Star Trek)
Prosh (Marvel) to Rapid Response Tactical Squad
Raptor (DC) to Rising Gundam
Rising Sun to Sammath Naur
Sampson, Inspector to Sergeant Smitty
Sergeant Stagg to Sixth Doctor
Skaar to Spock
Spookhouse (organization) to Supernova (DC)
Superslaughterer to Terran Dominion
Terran Empire (Star Trek) to Titus (Marvel)
Tivrusky, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu, IV to U-Men (Marvel)
U.N.C.L.E. to Vervain, Captain
Very Deadly Superweapons Laboratory to White Apes (Barsoom)
White Council to Yancy Street Gang
Yandroth to Ōtsutsuki Clan
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