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Tea Flatte is a female character who features in Spriggan.



Tea Flatte (ティア・フラット Tia Furatto) was born in Britain during the times of the wizard Merlin, he bestowed upon her immortality and made her go out and protect relics that were found to be not made by human hands from being used for wrong purposes. It is unknown on what she did during her time before the modern times, but it is assumed that Tea fought against various individuals and groups that tried to harness the power of the ancient artifacts that were found to be made by other races that were not from Earth. Her cover identity was a British Spriggan operator stationed in ARCAM's British headquarters.

In her modern incarnation, Tea was dispatched to France to befriend and rescue the young teen, Jean Jacquemonde, when the Trident Corporation and the Forces Armees Francaises held him hostage in order to extract his DNA for use in its biological weapons program.[4] She was the first to know of Jean's werewolf heritage.[5]

She first participated in Romania for an assignment with Yu and the others to investigate what Trident agents were doing in the country after reuniting with Jean and teaming up with Yu. Later on, she was dispatched to Britain to subdue a group of Neo-Nazi militants that tried to secure the Holy Grail, Tea mystified Yoshino Somei with her Calling Beasts and her space continuum twists.[6] She teams up with Yu and Yoshino in defeating Kutheimer's group when the Adolf Hitler clone attempted to use the Vajrayana scepter after her and the other ARCAM agents and Yoshino before it blew up due to its overuse.[7]

Tea later participated, in a side role, in assisting Yu's infiltration of the S.S. Eugenio E to recover the Ark of the Covenant, which was unfortunately captured by Trident operator Sidewinder. She was not involved in the South Pole operation in any way.


Personality and attributes

Her real name was actually Tea Flatte Arcam.

Nothing was known about Tea, except her presence brings fear to those who have met her, especially Yu since no one knows about her true age and heritage. However, she is friendly and nice to others who knew her and dangerous to those who are her enemies. As possible, Tea tries to keep her real identity a secret.

She was one of the few Spriggan operatives not to use firearms.

Powers and abilities

Her Calling Beast skill is legendary since no one was able to figure out how to get rid of the summoned illusions used to fool enemies into insecurity and have their souls drained.[8] However, the skill was only defeated thrice. Trident operator Dary Graham was the first to discover this weakness.[9] Neo-Nazi Bo Brantz too was able to find its weakness after covertly observing her from a distance, deducing that it needs a few seconds before the beast illusions would appear from the cloth.[10] The Adolf Hitler clone disrupted the Calling Beasts since he had psychic awareness in him as Hitler's soul was embedded into the clone with the ability to detect any psychic abnormalities after wielding the Vajrayana.[11]


  • Tea Flatte was created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa where she featured in the setting of Spriggan.


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