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The Techno-Organic Virus in Cable v2 #17.

The Techno-Organic Virus is a type of virus that features in Marvel Comics.



A young Hong Kong Mutant child named Paradigm who had technokinetic abilities was deliberately infected with the Techno-Organic Virus to test its effect on his biology. It attempted to overwrite his form into that of its alien creators but he asserted dominance over it and gained control over the material as it transformed his body. This gave him the ability to manipulate his substance to achieve various feats. (X-Force v1 #89)



  • Cable :
  • Apocalypse :
  • Paradigm : a male from Hong Kong who had technokinetic abilities that was deliberately infected with the virus but he gained control over it. (X-Force v1 #89)
  • Metus : a Techno-Organic monster that had hunted Cable since his childhood. (Cable v1 #155)


In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, the Techno-Organic Virus featured as a special passive ability of Cable that activated when the player was killed. Once dead, the character was wrapped in a Techno-Organic cocoon that healed the player at the site they were killed after which the ability had a cool down period before it could be used again.


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