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Torsten Jerabek is a German actor with an German accent. Torsten have spend all his life been an Stunt of Germany with 51 stunt carrer and he is an actor with 5 films appearences and two Miscellaneous Crew. One of his hightlights actor career was Resident Evil as Commando #1. His name of Commando #1 was change to Vance Drew in Resident Evil background. He have an award of Best Action in a Foreign Language Film for Raging Inferno in 2007 TY show.


Actor Career

He appears in five films suchs as Hostile Takeover as Killer #3 and He appears in one of the highlights actor career in Resident Evil (2002) as Commando #1 and he also appears in TY shows such as Ghetto-Kids as Fremder, The Hunt for the Hidden Relic as Agent 1 and Mit Herz und Handschellen as Rick Römer. He appears too as Miscellaneous Crew in Resident Evil 2002 as assistant to fight coordinator and The Ghost Writer 2010 as assistant protection officers supervisor. he get his first Alternate name as Torsten Jerebek in The Ghost Writer. He also was part of Resident Evil chraracter and Genesis as Vance Drew.

Stunt Career

He has a big history of been am a stunt. He has 51 stunt career in Germany. Most of them are stunt coordinator which he apend his life been an stunt. He start been an stunt in 1998.



  • (2011) Die Superbullen - Immer Freund und Helfer (stunt coordinator)
  • (2011) Die Aufnahmeprüfung (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2010) Zimmer 205 (stunt coordinator)
  • (2010) Kaddisch für einen Freund (stunt coordinator)
  • (2011) Tatort (TV series) (stunts - 1 episode)

– Lohn der Arbeit (2011) (stunts)

  • (2010) Das zweite Wunder von Loch Ness (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2010) Die Hebamme - Auf Leben und Tod (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2010) Empathie (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2009) Klick ins Herz (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2009) Factor 8 (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2009) Gangs (stunt coordinator)
  • (2009) Vicky the Viking (stunt coordinator)
  • (2009) Hinter Kaifeck (stunt coordinator)
  • (2009) Lilly the Witch: The Dragon and the Magic Book (stunt coordinator)
  • (2008) The Sea Wolf (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2008) The Wild Soccer Bunch 5 (stunt coordinator)
  • (2007) Vorne ist verdammt weit weg (stunt coordinator)
  • (2007) Kein Bund fürs Leben (stunt coordinator)
  • (2007) Raging Inferno (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2007) The Wild Guys 4 (stunt coordinator)
  • (2006) Die Unbeugsamen (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2006) Life Actually (stunt coordinator)
  • (2006) Ich bin die Andere (stunt coordinator)
  • (2006) Zwei zum Fressen gern (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2006) The Cloud (stunt coordinator)
  • (2006) Die wilden Kerle 3 (stunt coordinator)
  • (2006) Goldene Zeiten (stunt coordinator)
  • (2005) A Christmoose Carol (stunt coordinator)
  • (2004) Les Dalton (assistant stunt coordinator)
  • (2004) Night of the Living Dorks (stunt coordinator)
  • (2004) Silentium (stunt coordinator)
  • (2004) Off Beat (stunt coordinator)
  • (2004) (T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1 (stunts)
  • (2003) Sams in Gefahr (stunt coordinator)
  • (2003) The Poet (stunt coordinator)
  • (2002) The Hunt for the Hidden Relic (TV movie) (assistant stunt coordinator, stunts: Stuntteam Steinmeier-Mohr)
  • (2002) Boat Trip (stunts: Stuntteam Steinmeier/Mohr)
  • (2002) Ghetto-Kids (TV movie) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2001) Falling for Art (short) (stunt coordinator)
  • (2001) Sophie - Sissis kleine Schwester (TV movie) (stunts: Stuntteam Steinmeier/Mohr)
  • (2001) Sinan Toprak ist der Unbestechliche (TV series) (stunt double: Stuntteam Steinmeier&Mohr)
  • (2001) Hostile Takeover (assistant stunt coordinator: Stuntteam Steinmeier&Mohr)
  • (2000 2001): A Space Travesty (stunt double: Stuntteam Steinmeier&Mohr)
  • (2000) Erkan & Stefan (stunts)
  • (2000) Der tote Taucher im Wald (stunt double: Stuntteam Steinmeier&Mohr)
  • (2000) Ants in the Pants (stunts: Stuntteam Steinmeier&Mohr)
  • (2000) Anatomy (assistant stunt coordinator: Stuntteam Steinmeier&Mohr)
  • (1999) You're Dead... (stunts)
  • (1999) Alte Zeiten (short) (stunts)
  • (1999) Straight Shooter (stunts: Stuntteam Steinmeier&Mohr)
  • (1998) Der König von St. Pauli (TV mini-series) (stunts: Stuntteam Steinmeier&Mohr)

Theatrical releases

TY Shows

  • Ghetto-Kids (2002)Fremder
  • The Hunt for the Hidden Relic (2002)Agent 1
  • Mit Herz und Handschellen (2003)Rick Römer

Miscellaneous Crew

  • Resident Evil (assistant to fight coordinator) (2002)
  • The Ghost Writer (assistant protection officers supervisor) (as Torsten Jerebek) (2010)

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