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The Treasure Guards are an organization that feature in the movie Treasure Guards.



The Treasure Guards were formed at an unknown point in the past to serve the Vatican in the task of finding and retrieving lost relics linked to God. These agents were dedicated in the task of retrieving sacred relics and returning them to the care of the Vatican. By 2011, at least 54 such artifacts had been recovered and the Treasure Guards were notified of an unknown archaeological expedition being conducted in Jordan for Solomon's tomb. A newly inducted Guard named Angelo determined that a possible 55th relic had been discovered in the form of the Ring of Solomon.


Members of the Guard were given the mission of not only having an allegiance to God but also all objects connected to God that were revealed to mankind. These were sacred relics that were meant to be retrieved and returned to the Vatican where they were kept beneath the feet of the faithful. Those inducted were trained professionals that were tested to determine if they were capable for the tasks that lay ahead of them. Once they joined, they were provided standard issue equipment by the Vatican. This included a credit card to pay for financial costs with these cards source being gathered from collection plates from around the world. Thus, all members of the Guard were asked to use them wisely and respectfully.

Their headquarters were at the Vatican where specifically it was located underground at a secure site. The main operations chamber contained many staff members who were tasked with collating intelligence from around the world. Their task was separating genuine finds from hoaxes as the Vatican only stored genuine sacred relics that were definitively linked to God. Access was only allowed to registered members of the Guard who gained access through an elevator. These high-tech facilities included sophisticated cameras that ran facial recognition programs to determine the validity of the individuals that entered the elevator. Among the chambers included the armory that contained an arsenal of untraceable weapons and the artifact room that contained sacred objects of God.


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