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Treize Khushrenada is a character that features in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.



Treize Khushrenada

During his lifetime, Treize has also fathered an illegitimate daughter, Mariemaia Khushrenada.

After Colony 188, during this time Treize was a simple soldier of the Specials group working under OZ leader General Catalonia as a piloting instructor. During the attack led by Quinze (The man who would later organize the White Fang rebel group) against the Earth Alliance on Colony X-18999 with stolen Alliance mobile suits, Treize was among the Alliance defense forces. When a younger Heero Yuy was going to destroy the Alliance command center with a rocket launcher, Treize stepped into the line of fire and was injured to protect the soldiers there, which included a younger Lucrezia Noin (Who held the rank of Cadet back then). While recuperating in a hospital owned by the Barton Group, Treize met Dekim's daughter Leia Barton, who was helping tend to his injuries. It was through Treize's illicit love affair with Leia that Mariemaia was born.

Episode Zero also reveals that during Relena Peacecraft's story in After Colony 191, Treize accompanied Zechs to help on a Special's mission to suppress a rebel faction as ordered by General Catalonia to assess the capabilities of their mobile suits and it is in this battle that Treize witnesses Zech's piloting skills for the first time. In After Colony 193 after General Catalonia's death, Treize was given the position as the leader of OZ. Finally in After Colony 194 during Wufei's story, after the battle ended in that story, through Lady Une, Treize became aware of a mobile suit sighted that was made of Gundanium. Treize chose not to tell this to the Earth Alliance feeling it is an enemy that he should face quoting that "One day the Justice of Space will descend on the Earth".

With the blessing of the Romefeller Foundation, he led the OZ subsidiary and controlled the "Specials": a military organization within the United Earth Sphere Alliance. He used the Specials to stage a coup d'├ętat and wrested power from the United Earth Sphere Alliance. In a lengthy war against Alliance loyalists and the Gundams, Treize ultimately emerged victorious.

As the war began to draw to an end, he openly opposed the use of computer controlled Mobile Dolls as a "cowardly" way of war. Never one to be ignored, he frequently found ways to undermine the efforts of Duke Dermail, the leader of Romefeller's Mobile Doll faction. As the Mobile Doll faction increased in strength, Treize's outspoken opposition to Romefeller's present course led to his exile in Luxembourg.

Even trapped in Luxembourg, Treize continued to influence the war. A number of OZ soldiers loyal to Treize broke off from the Romefeller organization and rebelled against the ruling Mobile Doll faction. Using the data from the Tallgeese and the five Gundams, he created the Gundam Epyon, which was the embodiment of his ideal of combat, as it possessed no ranged weapons whatsoever. He gave the mobile suit to Heero Yuy after Wing Gundam was damaged during Romefeller's attack on Luxembourg.

As Romefeller and Earth began to re-unite under Relena's influence, Treize's fortunes improved dramatically. When his old friend Milliardo declared war on Earth, Treize seized the opportunity to take control of the newly formed World Nation. Treize took up arms, piloting a rebuilt Tallgeese (the Tallgeese II) and realized his dream of leading the Earth's combined forces in a battle to end all battles. In this final battle Wufei challenged him to a rematch. During their battle, Treize died of his own volition by allowing the Beam Trident of Wufei's Altron Gundam to pierce the Tallgeese II's power core, resulting in its destruction.


Personality and attributes

The proud leader of the OZ organization, is one of the most complex characters in the Gundam Wing series. Even while directing mass murder and coldly manipulating those around him, he always conducts himself as a gentleman. His major defining trait is his strong belief in honor and chivalry.

He welcomed the first challenge by Chang Wufei. The two fought fairly, but Treize displayed better swordsmanship and prevailed. Impressed with the boy's fighting spirit, Treize let Wufei go so that they might do battle again.

Treize believed that combat between men had its place in history.

"Consider this an act of civility towards Miliardo Peacecraft. Remember this for the future; a war with no civility will only give rise to massacres." "There is nothing more noble and beautiful than a soldier with no distractions. One could say that he is the closest thing to God." --to Heero Yuy upon revelation of the Gundam Epyon and it's ZERO system abilities "With a fancy gun that has long forgotten the meaning of battle, I would feel no emotion, even if I were to shoot an enemy right through the heart." "Then let me ask you: who is your enemy?" "In that case, your battles will never end...since your enemy is destiny itself." "As you're aware the Earth is behind us. We will not retreat because I love the Earth."

It is important to note that Treize has a unique relationship with his subordinate, Lady Une. She is completely infatuated with him and is his most loyal underling. At the beginning of the series, it appears that he views her as nothing more than a reliable tool at his disposal. As the series progresses, however, it is revealed that she occupies a far more important position in Treize's psyche.

As he deftly outmaneuvers the Alliance and the Gundam pilots, he takes Une under his wing and educates her in the ways of the OZ organization. As a result of his tutelage, Une develops an alternate personality whose kindness and charisma wins the colonies over to OZ's cause. As her following grows, Treize begins to view her as a threat when she endorses Romefeller's decision to replace soldiers with Mobile Dolls in combat. He refuses to join Une in space to direct Romefeller's campaign against the earth and chides her for losing her pride as a soldier. Grief-stricken over Treize's reaction, she goes into battle and attempts to commit suicide. Feeling guilty over his treatment of Lady Une, Treize implores Zechs to rescue her.

To provide Treize with Allies in his struggle with Romefeller, Lady Une frees the Gundam pilots who have been captured by OZ. Though she is successful, she is shot and left in a coma by Tubarov. As Treize grieves over Une's misfortune in exile, he is revealed to have harbored romantic feelings of his own towards her. Inspired by the nobility of her sacrifice, Treize devotes all of his energies toward realizing Lady Une's vision of universal peace. In the meantime, he procures all kinds of doctors and medical equipment to ensure her recovery.

In the final battle of the series, Lady Une awakes from her coma and pilots the Wing Gundam to join Treize in battle. She reaches the battlefield just in time to save Treize from incoming fire from the Libra superbattleship by taking the full brunt of the attack. Though her mobile suit is damaged beyond repair , she manages to survive. In a rare moment of anger, Treize directs all of the forces under his command to obliterate Libra after seeing to Une's safety.

Powers and abilities


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