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The Trident Corporation is a business that features in Spriggan.



The Trident Corporation (三叉鉾・財団 Toraidento Saitan) traced itself back to its roots as an research and development division of NATO, Trident was a military equipment research group that specializes in creating or upgrading known NATO equipment. It soon went on its own due to the rising interest of locating existing out-of place artifacts. NATO officials soon declared Trident to be a renegade organization after finding out that the division had secretly branched out from NATO. Trident was soon known as Trident Corporation after its officials had gathered themselves under the direction of a Trident executive named Larry Markson. Now being funded by Campbell Company, the Clovers Heavy Industries and Takasumi Zaibatsu, the organization was able to amass platoons of Trident soldiers, consisting of regular and super-soldier operatives under the company's command as a military wing. One of Trident's new missions was to capture a young Jean Jacquemonde and extract some of his DNA as part of their genetic engineering research under their biological weapons program. The organization soon recruited a number of super-soldier operatives, including Iwao Akatsuki and gave them military ranks as a means of distinguishing them from their regular Trident counterparts. As Trident continued to hunt down for hidden out-of place artifacts, they came across grounds with the ARCAM Corporation, trying to stop their plans of refining out-of place aritifacts as military weapons. The two have fought many times on numerous occasions on countries across the globe. Larry had utilized many means to eliminate ARCAM's Spriggans, including the recruitment of Jean's ex-father, Rick Bordeau, and Yu's ex-COSMOS combat instructor, Bowman, in order to silence them. Trident had begun to reorganize their structure after Larry had covertly acquired the entire COSMOS unit from the United States military, merging them with their military wing as the company's special forces unit. COSMOS has been deployed twice on Japan, to go after Trident defector Iwao Akatsuki and Bo Brantz, and to kill Yu Ominae and Jean Jacquemonde. The two operations were done under Sho Kanaya, who was being used by Trident as the unit's leader by communicating with them through telepathy. The unit had failed twice, with the platoon leader following telepathic commands to commit suicide by using a grenade, hoping to take Yu with him. However, it never worked and Bo died of major wounds.

Following the ascent of Henry Garnum into power as ARCAM's leading official, Larry Markson began to secretly collaborate with him in excavating out-of place artifacts from the South Pole. His plans, however, brought him into a near conflict with Jean if Yamamoto did not intervene to stop him from punching him. Trident's excavation of the Fire Snake with the help of Percup Ramdi, Eva McMahon, Rie Yamabishi, Professor Mayzel and Ms. Margaret with Yoshino Somei had caused trouble for Rally as the coalition of Yu, Jean and Iwao teamed up for the last time to halt Larry's plans to destroy the entire planet. The trio had won the day, with Oboro and Takashi Ominae helping in by disabling Trident's ability to call for additional armed reinforcements. Iwao had punched Larry as he attempted to escape via helicopter. But after nearly everyone from the excavation site had evacuated, Iwao had helped him get up on his feet. This is one of the many open-ended scenes; it does not answer whether Iwao has rejoined the Trident Corporation or not.


Trident, like ARCAM and MJ-12, had secretly developed the Armored Machine Suit after studying combat data of Fatman and Little Boy against ARCAM forces in Turkey, using the Omihalcon metal to construct the suit. Before development of the suit, Trident has made a line of indigenous high-tech assault rifles for its operatives.[3] Many of them are chambered in various caseless calibers.

Trident soldiers are dressed in normal olive green BDUs with Trident insignias on their olive green berets and uniforms with ALICE gear. On high-risk operations, they are permitted to wear normal kevlar vests except the prototype Armored Machine Suits, as they are reserved for Trident's super soldiers. They are also issued with a vast number of weapons, including the Steyr AUG family, the GIAT FAMAS F1, the Heckler and Koch MP5 family and the Colt M16 family. In some missions, they are also issued with Trident's prototype assault rifles.


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  • The Trident Corporation was created by Hiroshi Takashige and Ryoji Minagawa where it featured in the setting of Spriggan.


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