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True Cross Academy is a school that features in Blue Exorcist.



It was held as being a place for the privileged and the rich with some only gaining entry due to a scholarship.


Due to its status, only the best of food and chefs as well as other supplies were taken which meant that items were expensive on the campus grounds.

Following a Page, student-Exorcists of sufficient level were able to progress into being an Exwire. The Pages were required to pass the Exwire Authorization Exam that consisted of both written tests and field tests to determine the students combat capabilities along with their teamwork skills. Once they had completed this course, they were allowed to seek an Exorcist specialization.

Students seeking to become Exorcists were required to choose a Meister specialty that could be:

  • Arias : these were individuals that specialized in reciting the verses of Holy Books and speak out the passages that were the Fatal Verse of a demon that could banish it.
  • Doctor :
  • Dragoon :
  • Knight :
  • Tamer : these individuals through the shedding of blood, drawing of summoning circles and use of written pages were able to summon demons of varying power as their familiars though their willpower needed to exceed that of the creature otherwise they would turn on them.

Among the classes taught included:

  • Fatal Verses : these were verses from the book that when recited were harmful to demons and banished them with specific verses being needed against particular demons. Those students that were seeking to become Arias gained much from these lessons that required memorization and recitation of the verses to affect the creatures of Gehenna.
  • Summoning : instructors crafted summoning circles and practiced the art of calling upon demonic familiars though warned that the summoner's willpower needed to exceed that of the creature otherwise they would turn on the Tamer. One means of stopping a familiar was by breaking the seal of the summoning circle that had been drawn which causes the demon to disappear.
  • Magic Circles and Seals :
  • Swordmanship :
  • Scripture Recitation :
  • Pharmacology :

Special magical keys called an Infinity Key were made that allowed users to use the doors to access hidden and guarded locations. These keys were irreplaceable and needed to kept by their users to their importance as they allowed access to areas such as the cram school or the supply area instantly.

Magic and charms were cast on the Academy grounds making it difficult though not impossible for demons to gain entry. Sir Phellesis had helped cast thousands of such magical seals that prevented mid to high tier demons from entering into the Academy grounds. There were only two ways for demons to gain entry; either there was a tear in the barrier or someone had allowed the demon to enter into the area.

The Academy was also home to the underground deep vaults of Saishinbu nthat was used to store the most dangerous of relics.



  • Mephisto Phelesis :


  • Rin Okumara :


  • Blue Exorcist:

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