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Tula is a female comic superhero that features in DC Comics.




Aquagirl in Aquaman v1 #33.


The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different series of events. Her father was Orvax and she was the half-sister to Orm Marius. (Aquaman v7 #18)

She was abducted by Xebellians where a plot was made for her to forcibly marry King Nereus to tie him to Orm to secure his Xebel's aid in defeating the tyrant Coram Rath. (Mera: Queen of Atlantis v1 #5)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • The Tula Aquagirl was created by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy where she made her first appearance in Aquaman #33 (May, 1967).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Young Justice, Tula made an appearance in the animated series where she was voiced by actor Cree Summer. She was shown to be a childhood friend of Kaldur'ahm with him having romantic feelings toward Tula. Kaldur'ahm later became Aqualad and joined the Team on the surface but longed to return to declare his feelings for Tula. Tula in the meantime continued her studies at Atlantis's Conservatory of Sorcery where she fell in love with Garth.


  • In Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Tula appeared in a minor non-voiced role in the animated movie. This was an alternate timeline version of her that served in the Atlantean military during the war between Emperor Aquaman and Queen Wonder Woman. She was part of the strike force that attacked Captain Deathstrokes ship where she killed numerous humans on the ship.

Video games

  • In Young Justice: Legacy, Tula appeared in the video game tie-in to Young Justice where she was once again voiced by actor Cree Summer. She served as a coordinator for the Team and provided information on the Light that were stealing pieces of an ancient statue.


  • Aquaman v1:
  • Mera: Queen of Atlantis:

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