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Tyris Flare was a female warrior from the Golden Axe games.


Tyris was the daughter of the Axirian tribe's chieftain and shaman who's mission was to protect the last Titan. However, her tribe was besieged by Death Adder who massacred them all leaving Flare as the only survivor. Driven by rage and anger, she has sought to find her tribes murderers and kill them in order to re-establish her people.


Driven by rage and anger which she holds like a badge of honor, Tyris was reckless in her actions. Though this has also made her somewhat inconsiderate of fear as she is determined to fulfil her purpose which was the re-establishment of her tribe and avenging their deaths. However, she hides a hidden fear of the task she has gotten herself into.

She is aggressive to all that she considers her enemies.

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