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The U.S. Agent is a male comic superhero who features in Marvel Comics.



John Walker

It was then that the world was affected by the Chaos Cascade that was a magical disturbance caused planet-wide destruction. Walker was with Omega Flight who were killed in the mystical disturbance with John himself being teleported away by the Scarlet Witch. She had him join the new incarnation of the Mighty Avengers that was being led by Hank Pym who sought to stop the danger emerging from Mount Wundagore. (Mighty Avengers v1 #21)

After the defeat of Hydra, John felt betrayed by Steve Rogers and felt that Captain America was a traitor to the nation. During this time, a mysterious new Scourge emerged who was killing cops in the city. As U.S. Agent, Walker sought to track down the criminal and came to believe that it was secretly Rogers. After finding one of the Scourge's hideouts, John waited and ambushed Misty Knight who was working with the renegade Steve Rogers. This saw a clash between Walker and Rogers that was only ended when Misty Knight triggered a security feature that apprehended U.S. Agent. (Captain America v9 #16)


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  • The Super-Patriot was created by Mark Gruenwald and Paul Neary where he made his first appearance in Captain America v1 #323 (November, 1986).
  • He briefly took the identity of Captain America in Captain America v1 #333 (September, 1987).
  • The character gained the new identity of U.S. Agent by Mark Gruenwald and Kieron Dwyer where he appeared in that role in Captain America v1 #354 (June, 1989).

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  • Captain America v1:
  • Force Works v1:
  • Mighty Avengers v1:
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  • Captain America: Sam Wilson v1:
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