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The Ua Virus.

The Ua Virus is a disease that features in Canaan.



The Ua Virus (Ua means Flower in Swahili) was a deadly virus that emerged in the modern age.

Snake was later involved in a joint research program with the American Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in studying the virus. This led to the Flower Garden Project whereby the CIA had the Ua Virus deployed on an isolated town in the desert. Once infected, the project masqueraded as the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) where they rounded up the inhabitants of the town with the lie that they were being treated with a vaccine. In reality, they were involved in testing the vaccine on live test subjects and determining whether survival from the Ua Virus imparted any abilities to the subjects. Alphard Alshua was involved in the project where she operated from the shadows whilst her lieutenant Liang Qui was more directly involved in its administration. Research on those infected by the virus was conducted in a facility in the area known as the Factory.


Victims of the virus.

Means of transmission of the virus were through blood and saliva with it possibly being airborne as well. Symptoms developed in a 12 hour stage with victims of the virus suffered from bleeds across their body and it was said to had been 100% lethal.

One effect provided to those survivors of the virus were a number of abilities. These Borners ranged in the new traits provided to them with some being frozen in age, others growing much older and a few given extra organs such as an additional appendice. Some, however, did not develop any abilities where they were referred to as Unblooms.

Those that had the Synthesia trait within their genetics were affected in a profound way. Their hair turned completely white and their various senses such as smell and hearing were linked to their visual senses that manifested as colors. As such, those with this ability could read the emotions and intentions of a person based on the color they could see. An attempt to artificially induce this ability into a person without the natural Synthesia gene were bombarded with sensory overload where they were driven mad with pain from these sensations.


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