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The Ultimate Nullifier is a weapon that featured in Marvel Comics.



A covert group from the Nova Corps was responsible for acquiring a Recorder that contained sensitive data within it. The vessel carrying the android was attacked by the Chitauri where Titus of the Novas surrendered the Recorder in exchange for his life. He joined the Chitauri forces where he rose in the ranks and they deciphered the encrypted data within the machine which was revealed to contain the means to make an Ultimate Nullifier. (Nova v5 #4)



  • The Ultimate Nullifier was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #50 (May 1966).

Alternate Versions

  • In Astonishing Tales v2 (2009), the Penultimate Nullifier was referenced to exist on an alternate future timeline known as Earth-8410 that was the home of Iron Man 2020. It was a device under ownership of the Richards Foundation who allowed the installation of the device for a fee of $1,000,000 for every minute of use. Arno Stark had his Iron Man Armor equip it during his battle with Commodore Q's forces.

In other media


Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, the Ultimate Nullifier appeared as a legendary artifact available to players in the MMORPG. The description stated that it was believed that the device was an aspect of Galactus and was the only weapon that inspired fear in him.


  • Fantastic Four v1:
  • Nova v5 #4: (2013)

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