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Ulysses is a male comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.



Neill Quinn was the only son of Peter Quinn and Bridget Quinn where he was born over 25 years ago. His parents were both physicists that worked for the American military when one day they were approached by Dr. Margaret Night who knew everything about them despite their work being classified. She sought to recruit them in finding a better world as she showed them the widespread killing and violence in the world causing the Quinn's to lose faith in tomorrow. Dr. Night showed them her private facility that was the Ulysses Research Lab where former military scientists from around the world were looking for a better tomorrow by finding an habitable alternate dimension with the intention of relocating there. During this time, a reality-eating strange matter was inadvertently released that killed Dr. Night and several others that threatened to destroy the laboratory. (Superman v3 #34) It emerged from their study of Dimension Two with it ripping apart in the facility with the Quinn's unable to escape and fearing for the life of their son who they brought with them to the lab. The danger from the strange matter was so great that it was believed that once it consumed the laboratory that it would eventually destroy the entire world. As a result, Peter Quinn convinced his wife to send their son in a rocket to Dimension Four that they had briefly studied and determined it contained life that could shelter their child. Thus, they prepared the ship and the young Neill Quinn was launched into Dimension Four thus escaping the Ulysses Research Center. (Superman v3 #32) The Quinn's believed that the world was doomed from the strange-matter event and that they were facing certain death but they managed to contain the incident thus saving the world. However, their son now was lost in another dimension and they had lost their research in the destruction caused which meant that they had no way of recovering him. Meanwhile, Neill passed through interdimensional energy as he crashed into the Fourth Dimension where he landed on a world to be adopted by its native inhabitants. (Superman v3 #34)

As he was growing, it was discovered that he had been altered in his journey with his adoptive father attributed this to his interdimensional journey into the Fourth Dimension. (Superman v3 #34)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Originally, Neill was an ordinary human but passing into the Fourth Dimension led to his cells permanently infused with its essence. As a result, he gained the power of flight, increased strength along with the capacity to store and release energy of all kinds. His body acted as a kind of magnet for concentrated and compacted energies. He also no longer had a need for sleep with it theorised that his ability to store and expel residual energy giving his body an endless supply of fuel. A result of constantly being awake was that he was no longer capable of dreaming. (Superman v3 #34)


  • Ulysses was created by Geoff Johns and John Romita, Jr. where he made his first appearance in Superman v3 #32 (August, 2014).


  • Superman v3:

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