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The United Citizens Federation is a government that features in Starship Troopers.



The United Citizen Federation was an interstellar government established by humanity on the planet Earth.


The UCF has many of the hallmarks of a fascist government, including heavy-handed propaganda, the demonization of an external foe, the centralized organization of society for total war, military (or militarized) and not civilian leadership, and omnipresent uniforms.

In order to vote in the UCF, one must provide "Federal Service" by serving in the military or other service. The social structure of the world is divided between citizens (people who have served) and civilians (people who haven't served).

On Mars, citizens were noted to celebrate Air Day that was the time when air was first filtered on the planet.

These are typically led by a central military figure known as the Sky Marshal.

The Fleet Liason works in conjunction with the Mobile Infantry and authorizes dropships to collect strike teams on a planet. The Federal Intelligence Agency or Special Branch also existed within the Federation that were deployed on vital assignments relating to security.

A communication network established within the Federation was FedNet with citizens being able to upload pictures on their FedBook accounts.


  • Morita SmartRifle Mk1
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • PRISM Light Rifle Mk1
  • Lucifuge FU-07 "flamer"
  • PIG-1 Plasma Rifle
  • Netgun
  • Morita Chain Cannon Mk1
  • Heavy Cannon
  • PIG-3 Plasma Cannon
  • MK-59 Nuclear Missile Launcher
  • Lucifuge FU-17 "flamer"
  • Standard Missile
  • SOLARIS Light Cannon

The Federation developed Power Suits that were armoured battle armour that assisted the user in combat. Users wore an inner muscle suit that was skin-tight and clung to their bodies before adding the additional outer layer. The armour was completely sealed with the helmet retracting or opening up based on the persons commands. It contained life-support systems allowing a trooper to survive even in hostile conditions such as the vacuum of space. A heads-up-display was present within the armour allowing the user to go through data such as communications or suit readings or access other features. A holographic display could also emit from the arm allowing the user to access a manual system. A thruster was attached to the back-pack that opened up when in use allowing individuals to accomplish jumps or limited hovering capabilities though this had a fuel supply that could be exhausted. Various weapon attachments could be attached to the shoulder assembly allowing troopers to fire rockets, nukes or control a heavy machine gun.

They had developed terraforming technology allowing them to turn worlds such as Mars into planets with a breathable atmosphere.

The height of Federation weapon technology was the Q-Bomb that were warheads capable of destroying entire worlds.


  • Johnny Rico :
  • Carman Ibanez :
  • Carl Jenkins :
  • Amy Snapp : a young female who was the youngest person to reach the rank of Sky Marshal at the age of 25 years old who headed a conspiracy to destroy Mars to secure her popularity among the people.


In other media

Video games

  • In Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy, the Terran Federation appeared as a playable faction in the tactical video game. The Terran Council serves as the leadership body within the UCF and authorizes military attacks. These are typically led by a central military figure known as the Sky Marshal. One of the bodies within the Mobile Infantry include Tac-Recon which gather intelligence on enemy movements and relay them to the military forces. Handling the large organization is Divisional Command which sends different Infantry divisons on their missions. Security arrangements are handled by Internal Security who are capable of requesting troops on a priority level. There were numerous types of troopers in the course of the game that included; Medics make use of medikits allowing them to heal wounded troopers and make use of a modified class 3 command suit which provides power. They are crucial in the preservation of veteran troopers and are authorized to call in a medevac. Combat Engineers use a special armored suit modeled on civilian labor chassis which are outfitted with repair systems allowing them to maintain armor in the field. They can also lay as well as detect mines. In close quarter fighting, they can use their repair systems to generate electrical shocks to stun bugs that come in too close. MIST Troopers Mobile Infantry Stealth Technology Troopers are infiltrators which make use of a stealth suit equipped with cloaking abilities allowing them to sneak into enemy positions and use a sniper rifle to take out the leadership caste of the Arachnid swarm. Nightshade rounds in their Morita sniper rifle allow the trooper to take out an enemy with a single shot. Special Talent are psi sensitives that have been trained to use their psychic powers in combat situations. They can sense Arachnid presence, create protective forcefields for allies, control a single bug or project a cloaking field around themselves masking their presence from the enemy. Those soldiers that show great skill in combat are given the MI Badge of Valor. In 2352, the Arachnid Quarantine Zone was established after a disastrous first contact with the Arachnids by a Terran survey team. The Terran Council ruled that it would not recognize any settlements within the Zone.


  • Starship Troopers:
  • Starship Troopers: Invasion:
  • Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars:

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