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The United Earth Directorate is a government that features in Starcraft.



Following the discovery of Extraterrestrial life in the universe, the United Powers League, a world government that was briefly mentioned in StarCraft’s background story, began to grow in power and influence following wide-spread panic that was incited by thoughts of a possible alien invasion.[1] As many nations began to ally themselves with the United Powers League, the government was reborn as the United Earth Directorate. Upon its formation, the government began diverting a great sum of its resources to examining, analyzing, and eventually defeating the Zerg and Protoss forces in an attempt to protect Earth.[1] During the events of StarCraft: Brood War, the United Earth Directorate deploys an expeditionary fleet to establish control in the Koprulu sector.

Led by Admiral Gerard DuGalle, a famed and experienced military leader, and his longtime friend, Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov, the fleet enters the Koprulu sector in hopes of annihilating the Zerg, Protoss, and Terran Dominion.[1][2] The fleet achieves initial success by disrupting the Terran Dominion's activity within the sector, forcing their leader Arcturus Mengsk on the run. With the assistance of Samir Duran, the United Earth Directorate is able to activate the Psi Disrupter, which inhibits Zerg activity. The Directorate launches ground offensive on the Zerg home world of Char, and ultimately captures the Overmind. However, Duran, who attempts to hinder the Directorate 's progress throughout the campaign, betrays and kills Stukov. Nevertheless, the news of the victory on Char galvanizes Directorate forces and followers.

The Directorate's offense was halted towards the latter portion of StarCraft: Brood War. Sarah Kerrigan manages to rally the forces of Fenix and Raynor with Mengsk to launch a united counter attack on the Directorate. The alliance manages to cripple the expeditionary fleet by destroying the Psi Disrupter and Overmind, allowing Kerrigan to gain complete control over most Zerg forces. Realizing that they had been pawns in Kerrigan's master plan, The Dominion and Protoss side with Directorate for a final confrontation with the Zerg. Kerrigan's forces defeat the alliance above Char, and afterward hunt for the remnants of Directorate's expeditionary fleet. During the game's final sequence, the Zerg proceed to destroy the remainder of the Directorate fleet, including DuGalle's flagship



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  • The United Earth Directorate were introduced as antagonists in the Starcraft expansion Brood Wars.


  • Starcraft: Brood Wars:

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