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Vanessa Fisk is a female comic character that features in Marvel Comics.




Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Vanessa Fisk was created by Stan Lee and John Romita, Sr. where she made her first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man v1 #70 (March, 1969).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Spider-Man, Vanessa Fisk made a number of appearances in the 1990s animated series where voiced by actor Caroline Goodall.
  • In Daredevil, Vanessa Marianna appeared in the live-action Netflix series where she was portrayed by actor Ayelet Zurer.


  • In Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Vanessa Fisk appeared in the setting of the 2018 animated film where she was voiced by actor Lake Bell. She was shown to had been married to Wilson Fisk and had a son with him named Richard Fisk. Vanessa was shown in a flashback where she and her son came back home only to witness Wilson Fisk fighting Spider-Man thus revealing that he was the criminal mastermind known as the Kingpin. She was horrified at this finding and took her son to flee him where in their rush in the car they suffered a car accident that led to their deaths. A grieving Kingpin wanted to be reunited with his loved ones and came to learn of Olivia Octavius's experiments in inter-dimensional travel that could lead to him finding alternate versions of his wife and son in the Multiverse. Thus, he poured funding into this project despite the dangers to all of existence where he was opposed by Spider-Man. At the height of the conflict, he fought the new Spider-Man where the ruptures in reality caused various versions of Vanessa and Richard Fisk to see Wilson once again as the Kingpin with them being similarly horrified at this finding. This look of terror on Vanessa's face distracted Kingpin long enough for Spider-Man to defeat him.


  • Amazing Spider-Man v1: #70 (1969)

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