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The Vatican is a government that features in Trinity Blood.




The Ministry of Holy Affairs governed the Vatican's foreign diplomacy and served simply in the role of a department of foreign affairs. When situations with diplomacy became difficult then a special branch of the Ministry was called into action and were known as the AX.

Additional branches in the Vatican included:

  • A.X' : the Arcanum Cella Ex Dono Dei (Latin for Papal State Affairs Special Operations Section) served as a special divison for the Ministry of Holy Affairs with its agents being elite priests and nuns who were trained in different forms of combat and many of whom had special technologies granted to them through the use of Lost Technology. The members of A.X. served under Cardinal Caterina Sforza and were referred to as deputy enforcers as they were often sent on missions to investigate issues that related to or involved vampires.
  • Department of the Inquisition : the Inquisition were an elite group of fighters who saw themselves as the soldiers of God. They carried out their orders under the Vaticans will through the orders of Cardinal Franceso. The first of the mandates of this department was the extermination of all vampires which meant that they often resorted to extreme methods to carry out their orders. As such, the Inquisitions agents regularly clash with that of Cardinal Caterina's deputy enforcers in the A.X. Within the Vatican, it is said that many Inquisitors are chosen by the church at a young age where they are conditioned to a state that they despise anything that goes against the authority and beliefs of the Catholic Church. Their violent tedencies mean that they are known by the nickname of the "Fang of the Church" by the A.X.

Governance was achieved through the use of Canon Law and Ministerial Regulations.

Finances were paid in the form Dinarswith this serving as the currency of their nation. Priests of the Vatican were paid a stipend for travel and bare necessities but did not allow for luxury.



  • Abel Nightroad
  • Esther Blanchett
  • Tres Iqus :
  • Kate Scott :
  • Hugue de Watteau :
  • Vaclav Havel :
  • William Walter Wordsworth :
  • Leon Garcia de Asturias :
  • NoĆ©lle Bor :
  • Monica Argento :
  • Kaya Syokka :


  • Brother Petro Orcini :
  • Sister Paula Souwauski :
  • Brother Matthaios :
  • Brother Bartholomaios :
  • Brother Phillipo :


  • The Vatican was loosely based off the real world Vatican.


  • Trinity Blood:

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