Victor Scrimshaw

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Victor Scrimshaw.

Victor Eugene Scrimshaw was a wealthy and powerful businessman and lawyer to numerous reputed mafia figureheads who made his fortune in the gold fields of Alaska. In addition to his various corporations and his legal practices, Scrimshaw dealt in stolen technology. He masterminded the scheme to steal the miniaturization technology from Vectorscope Labs, after Tuck Pendleton had been shrunk, so as to sell it to the Cowboy. When Pendleton was injected into Jack Putter, Scrimshaw expended all of his resources to kidnap Putter and get Pendleton, and the crucial microchip in his pod, out of the Safeway clerk. In the end Scrimshaw along with his project leader Dr. Canker was accidentally shrunk to midget size by Putter and Lydia Maxwell. The two were last seen stowing away aboard Pendleton and Maxwell's limousine after their wedding.

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