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Vir Cotto is a male extraterrestrial television character who features in Babylon 5.



Vir Cotto

During a meeting with Londo, Vir was informed that Mollari had been promoted to the position of special advisor to the royal court on matters relating to planetary security. Cotto congratulated his mentor though Londo was not pleased with the promotion as he felt it was given to him because of fear of his allies rather than earned. The two were then approached by a messenger from Mr. Morden who warned Londo to depart Babylon 5 as soon as possible. It was eventually revealed that this was because the Shadows had intended to turn Captain Sheridan to their cause and if he refused then they would destroy the station. Their plan was thwarted after Sheridan detonated thermonuclear bombs on Z'ha'dum with the Shadow vessels retreating in response. (Episode: Z'ha'dum) Londo then departed for Centauri Prime with Vir appointed as his replacement on Babylon 5 with messages from Mr. Morden being left with Cotto. Among these was the revelation of the events that occurred on Z'ha'dum along with the news of the seeming death of Captain Sheridan. Vir then secretly informed Commander Ivanova of this information with everyone coming to believe that the captain had died as the result of his sacrifice. (Episode: The Hour of the Wolf)


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  • Vir Cotto was portrayed by actor Stephen Furst where he featured in the setting of the Babylon 5 universe.


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