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The Virus was an extraterrestrial virus that featured in the movie The Invasion.


The virus found its way to Earth during an exploration mission into space with the astronauts arriving back to the planet, infected with the organism. At first seeming normal, once those who were infected began to sleep the virus reworked the brain of the victims who woke up completely changed. These infected individuals then worked a global conspiracy to infect other Humans and transform them in order to remake the entire Human race.

Infected individuals appear and act completely normal; demonstrating no physiological enhancements to their bodies but are nearly completely emotionless. Despite this, they do make use of emotional connections to lull non-infected into a false sense of security in order to infect them. The infected are all linked to one another and work communally; stating that all those who suffer from the virus will bring about an age of peace across the globe. Despite this though, its possible for non-infected to masquerade as an infected Human.

The virus is transmitted through fluids that are expelled from the mouth of the infected host. Impact does not immediately change the host body and they remain the same until they begin to sleep. Once they sleep, the virus takes effect and alters the body across the sleep pattern. A sticky substance forms over the body as part of the transformation. It should be noted that not all Humans are capable of this transformation and some die during mid-metamorphisis; appearing as grey skinned creatures that die in the process.

Certain neurological diseases are capable of staving off the infection and such individuals are immune to the effects of the virus. These people are a threat to the infected hosts who work to eliminate them but ultimately they fail in their attempt. A curse is discovered and distributed around the globe and the virus is purged from the Human race.

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