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Vlatava is a country that features in DC Comics.




The country later came under the control of Russia. (World's Finest v1 #272)

The New 52


Locations in the country included:

  • Kastle Vertigo : home to the royal family. (World's Finest v1 #272)


  • Count Vertigo :
  • General Kaligari :
  • Duke Denicha : (World's Finest v1 #272)


  • Vlatava was created by Bob Haney and Trevor von Eeden where it made its first appearance in World's Finest v1 #272 (October, 1981).
  • The Atlas of the DC Universe v1 (1980) had an entry on Vlatava that provided some background on the country. According to the guide, it was a small Balkan country under the influence of the Soviet bloc at the end of World War II. The communist takeover of the nation had led to the execution of the hereditary royal family that were presumed all dead until Werner Vertigo emerged claiming to be a rightful heir to the duchy of Vlatava but had trouble asserting a claim to the throne.

In other media


  • In DC Showcase: Green Arrow, Vlatava made an appearance in the animated mini-episode. It was revealed that Count Vertigo took the country's throne after assassinating his brother. To secure his position, he hired the assassin Merlyn to eliminate his young niece Perdita who attacked her at the airport. Green Arrow and Black Canary were present at the time and intervened to save her life.
  • In Young Justice, Vlatava was referenced in the animated television series. It was ruled by the ten-year old Queen Perdita who had a medical condition with her heart necessitating a transplant which was why she was at an American hospital. Her uncle Count Vertigo sought to eliminate her and teamed up with Vandal Savage to prevent Kid Flash from delivering the donor heart. Vertigo mistakenly believed that she had died and that he had ascended to the throne where he confessed to the crime. However, Perdita received the heart and upon hearing her uncle's words from behind the curtains had him arrested.


  • World's Finest v1:
  • Green Arrow:
  • Suicide Squad:

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