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The Vodun are a parasitic species that feature in the cartoon series Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths and Legends.



The Vondun are an interstellar species who have travelled to other worlds where they began the similar process of infesting the natives of those worlds. However, they found a difficulty in taking control of live hosts and had to make do with the long buried dead. Their actions and history resulted in the species not negotiating with other races as they continued taking the body of the deceased.

The parasitic race came to the planet Earth and have been on the world for at least 300 years where they have spawned Voodoo cults which they make use of in order to find a way to take over living hosts while they continued building their army.

The species were previously unknown to the Global Alliance until two agents uncovered one o the Vodun cults. They successfully managed to destroy the base but the ringleader and his lieutenant managed to escape. Their leader would be captured by the Alliance and placed in suspended animation but the Vodun discovered the secrets of possessing live hosts. They would use Agent Ling, who contained Bavol who lived in symbiosis with the Human body, to smuggle their forces into the Alliance base.

After freeing their leader and taking control of most of the Alliance personnel, the Vodun new rule seemed to come ahead. However, Bavol betrayed them and revealed a sonic frequence that killed his kind which resulted in his death and the majority of the Vodun's destruction. espite this though, Agasa was known to have survived and she may very well be the last of the Vodun species.


The Parasite

Vodun's are kept encased in silvery spheres until their encasing is cracked through special energies from a staff used by the leader of the group. Once free of their encasing, the Vodun appear as small soft pink skinned slug-like creatures which secrete slim in order to move and are capable of burrowing into soft ground whereupon they attempt to locate bodies of deceased Humans. After entering the body, they possess it and use it as a host vessel which spawned the mythology about Zombies among Humanity. The species have been among Mankind for the last three hundred years.

The Vodun have had some difficulty in taking possession of live Human host bodies and have been forced to make use of deceased, decaying ones which lie in their graves. There have been attempts at experimenting with bonding with a live host but the process drives both the Vodun parasite and the host body insane. They have continued finding a technological way in fixing this problem but until then, they continue to make use of the dead which they augment with technology once the Vodun has taken full control.

Typically, once the parasite enters a living host, the parasite and the host mind combat one another. The process is dangerous as it can lead to both being driven insane but should the parasite succeed in besting the mind of the host then it takes complete control over the living body. Once the process is complete, the Vodun give numerous abilities to the host body namely regenerative powers as well as the power to see in the dark. Though this is typical Vodun behaviour, it is possible for a Vodun parasite and its host to live in symbiosis with one another. In such a state, the Vodun were capable of influencing the host on a minor level and was capable of blocking certain memories.

The parasite was vulnerable to certain high frequency transmissions which killed the Vodun. Once this happened, the deceased host bodies would crumble into dust while live hosts were returned to normal.

The Host

The host body that the Vodun occupy is typically the deceased member of the race that they have infiltrated and has been buried. A special ceremony is placed with the Voodoo cult members whereupon the leder of the Vodun cracks upon a number of Vodun spheres and release the parasites into the ground whereupon they take control of the dead bodies which rise from the ground.

Once the host bodies have returned to the Vodun base, they are augmented with technology in order to enhance their performance. Mechanical wires and plates are attached to the body allowing the Vodun to shoot their host body's arms out to grab enemies attempting to escape. A long cable is attached to the hand allowing the Vodun to retract it and use it again. The arms that are shot can also be electrified in order to harm their enemies and are quite capable of disabling a vehicle.

On Earth, the Vodun make use of many Human dead bodies though some they retain from the previous planets that they infested.


The Vodun have a deep bond with one another and consider all their kind to be a brother. As such, the loss of a single Vodun is a painful casualty to them. Whether this is at the hand of an enemy host species or due to their experimentation in finding a living host body.

Among the Human race, the Vodun make use of Voodoo cults and tell their followers that the spheres that contain their kind are actually Celestial Seeds and that locating them allows a follower to achieve the path of spiritual enlightenment. This is ultimately a lie as the faithful followers are simply used to perfect the bonding of the Vodun parasite to a living host body.

The Vodun are known not to the help of other races and have infested other planets before Earth.


  • Beren
  • Agasa
  • Ktan
  • Bavol


  • Vodun Uprising

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