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A former soldier within the M.A. Special Operation Forces Team 7, an elite special forces unit within the Mars military during the Second Titan War. Vincent was declared dead along with most of his squad, but in actuality was made into a guinea pig to test [[Nano-Weapons| nano-weapons] on. Vincent managed to escape and wandered the Solar System for years, stripped of his memory in a state of Purgatory. His ultimate goal: to find the doorway to Heaven, and escape his miserable existence.

In 2071, he resufaced on Mars, allied with a hacker named Lee Samson and in possession of a top secret nano-weapon that he stole from Cherious Medical Corporation. Vincent stole a tanker-truck and and filled it with a small sample of the nano-weapon, then blew it up in a populated area of the city, killing 73 and injuring hundreds more. Vincent managed to survive the test thanks to the vaccine inside him, and he left one witness alive: [[Valentine, Faye| Faye Valentine] (who survived thanks to being inside the Redtail). The real party would take place on Halloween, when Vincent unleashed the weapons on the entire Mars population. Vincent bribed an employee at a warehouse to help him plant the marbles containing the nano-weapon in the Jack-O-Lantern floats, where they would remain hidden until Halloween night.

Later on, when Lee Samson was of no use to him any longer, Vincent killed him by infecting him with another sample of the nano-weapon. This attracted Faye to the apartment he was hiding in (as she was tracking Samson), where she too was infected by the weapon as she was pounced on by Vincent. She shot at him, but her bullet only grazed his hand, he simply licked up his own blood and held her down and kissed her, passing his own blood and the vaccine into her.

Knowing he was being tracked by operatives of Cherious, Vincent allowed himself to be tracked to a monorail by their agents, including his former lover Electra Ovilo, but he was also tracked there by Spike Spiegel, who was after the 300,000,000 woolong bounty placed on his head. They fought, but Spike proved to be no match for Vincent, who shot him before throwing Spike out the window and into the river. Electra tried to stop Vincent as well by appealing to his better nature, but Vincent had no memory of her. Vincent escaped by setting off a grenade that contained another small sample of the weapon, killing all aboard the monorail; save Electra, since she unknowingly had the vaccine inside her as well (thanks to her "contact" with Vincent years ago).

Vincent made his way back to his lair, where he kept Faye tied up, sharing his views, plans and what happened to him on Titan with her. He was going to wipe out all life on Mars, and only the two of them would remain. Faye of course rejected him, saying she would rather die than share an empty world with him. As Vincent was about to attack her, he was interrupted by his contact at the Halloween float warehouse telling him that the ISSP was on to him, but everything was ready to go. Vincent killed the man, and left Faye telling her he'd be "at the bridge between Heaven and Earth."

Faye managed to escape, and with Spike, Jet, and Electra, set up a plan to counteract the effcts of Vincent's weapon by spraying the vaccine into the atmosphere while Faye took over the Precipitation Center and made it rain. Spike found Vincent at the heart of the city, atop a huge antenna building, and they did battle one last time; but, just as before, Spike was no match for him. Vincent unleashed the weapon and was ready to kill Spike when Electra interrupted him. They both raised their guns on each other, but it was Electra who pulled the trigger. Vincent didn't because at that moment he remembered her and the love they once shared. He died saying that of all his days, the ones he spent with her were the most real.

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