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The Vongola Family are a family that feature in Reborn!.



The Vongola Family (ボンゴレファミリー Bongore Famirī), or Vongola Famiglia ("Vongola" means "clam", and "Famiglia" means "family" in Italian) were a criminal family that had a long violent and bloody history. Their first head and founder was Giotto who started the organization 400 years ago. Since then, the Vongola Family has the held the status as the leading Mafia family, having dozens of other families working for them. Over the years, the family was also on the receiving end of secret black ops military technology, which has bolstered their strength. In the past, they were involved in a Mafia war against the rival Tomaso crime family who had hated the fact that the Vongola Family held the position as the Mafia's leading family, so during the second generation, they waged war against the Vongolas in order to overthrow them.


Those who inherit the Vongola bloodline possess certain unique traits. Some traits are consistent, with every Vongola in each generation possessing it, while sometimes it would skip either one or possibly even several generations. One of these traits which carry on in every Vongola is having a sense of heightened intuition, otherwise called "hyper intuition". This trait allows one to have a clearer view on who a person truly is, seeing their true feelings and objectives, as well as predict their movements. This ability works best on living opponents, but can also work against inanimate opponents like robots.

An elite group within the family were the Varia that were a skilled independent assassination team. It was composed of genius assassins who work in the deepest recesses of the Mafia. Each member takes on missions were said to be impossible to accomplish by humans, however, they do not accept a mission unless they believe there was a 90% chance of success. Those that see them work often say that their high level assassination skills were demonic. Despite lacking loyalty and respect for other members, they are extremely loyal to their leader, Xanxus. The Varia also appeared to have more than fifty subordinates ranged under the command of the main members. The Varia were apparently reclusive, only showing themselves after Iemitsu Sawada disappeared. They have a special code used in the family that consists of rows and commas which was known as the assassin's code. Each of their names and/or major character traits coincide with one of the seven deadly sins.

There were a number of other groups that were not actual members of the family but were affiliated with the Vongola. These included the members of the Consulenza Esterna Della Famiglia (CEDF) (Italian for "External Advisors of the Family") who were considered unofficial members of the Vongola. They held a very important position in the family's structure as their leader helped the Vongola's current boss choose the family's next boss. During the Vongola Family's times of crisis, the CEDEF leader becomes the family's second-in-command.


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  • The Vongola Family were created by Akira Amano and featured in the setting of Reborn!.


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