Waddlemeyer Ramrod

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Hoof and Mouth looking at the Ramrod.

The Waddlemeyer Ramrod (sometimes called simply the Ramrod) was a trachio-specific device that disrupts gravitational bonds and allows manipulation on a macro scale. In layman's terms, it makes things float. The Ramrod was a powerful anti-gravity beam weapon developed by the late Professor Waddlemeyer for the military. It was stolen by the henchmen of the criminal mastermind Taurus Bulba, who planned to use it to rob St. Canard blind. The access code to use it was only known to Gosalyn Waddlemeyer, the Professor's granddaughter; Bulba made it his mission to catch her, but was hindered due to her protection by Darkwing Duck. Although Bulba did ultimately capture Gosalyn and learn the code, Darkwing Duck was able to wreck the Ramrod by randomly pushing the buttons on its control panel, causing it to overload and blow up.

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