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The Warminds are artificial intelligences that feature in Destiny.



The Warminds were highly sophisticated artificial intelligences that were created during the Golden Age of humanity. They were built by the Clovis Bray corporation with the company's engineers finding a solution to the problems plaguing AI development. As part of the Warmind Project, ethical decision making was relegated to a Black Box Morality system with the AI instruments their own proprietary virtue quantifiers that was incomprehensible even to its creators. Following their creation, the Warminds were set to watch for unseen threats that could endanger the colonies of mankind. SIVA nanotechnology was believed to be a colonial tool used in this era by the Warminds. After encountering the Vex, human scientists on Venus asked for a Warmind to be brought in as the mechanical construct was making incredibly accurate simulations that made those studying it doubt the nature of their reality.

At the time of the Collapse, the great Warminds fought back against the enemy and they died. One of their number was Rasputin who fell along with them. In time, they were regarded as legendary creations of that long lost era. Though believed destroyed, Rasputin had survived where over the centuries explorers spoke of tales of a surviving elusive Warmind. The Guardians from the City eventually managed to confirm the existence of the Warmind by making contact with the intelligence in the old Cosmodrome. With the threat of the Fallen and Hive, Rasputin exploited the activation of the Cosmodrome Terrestrial-space array in order to defend itself across the inner solar system. The Guardian Vanguard had hoped that Rasputin would make a powerful ally to them with the Warminds capacity to mapping and reviving Golden Age military assets that could be recruited to the City's defense. It was this reason the Vanguard and Consensus had hoped to continue to reach out to Rasputin to form a strategic alliance with the possibility considered of other Warminds having survived. Oryx of the Hive thus came to see the AI as a threat and sought its elimination.

A year later, the Red War erupted when the Cabal reinforcements from the Red Legion led by Dominus Ghaul arrived in the Solar System. They brought with them a superweapon that they referred to as the Almighty that threatened to destroy the systems. Zavala sought to lead the Vanguard to destroy it but Ikora Rey instead decided to consult a node of the Warmind Rasputin that existed on Io. The Vault containing the fragment of the Warmind was nearly destroyed during a Cabal drilling operation that was excavating various sites touched by the Traveler. Around this time, Anastasia Bray was searching for the core mind of Rasputin and came to find his vault on Mars where she was assisted by the Young Wolf. Rasputin came to resent the Vanguard's attempt at wielding him as a weapon and instead he decided to define his own existence and be a protector of the solar system where he began launching a new network of Warsats across space.


In appearance, the Warmind was considered a ground-breaking defensive artificial intelligence developed at the height of the Golden Age. The machines possessed a sophisticated Neural Network that guided their functions. This was achieved by advanced quantum and engramic techniques made to create the neural network of unprecedented processing power. Artificial neural networks made use of probabilistic systems that rely on a method of error calculation known as backpropagation making Warminds good at pattern recognition so long as 'correct' outputs were properly calibrated. An artificial cortex served as a brain that was similar in design to humans and was used to contain a data repository that included its memories. Such was their complexity and intelligence that not even the Vex could accurately simulate or predict them. This was done with the end goal of the machine being able to foresee events that its creators could not thus allowing it to predict the actions of a threat and eliminate them before it manifested as a threat to humanity. One aspect of these machines was their use of Subminds that were sub-personalities of the core artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligences were said to hold a special connection to mankind's lost arts such as music, literature and film.

To achieve its mission, a Warmind had a range of tools at their disposal and were able to produce weapons that were powerful enough to slay gods. As the greatest defensive systems ever devised, they operated a massive network of satellites and doomsday weapons built to protect mankind. These vigilant intelligences were stretched across thousands of warsats and hardened installations. A Warmind were capable of operating across multiple systems simultaneously with fragments being left behind in some installations though the core mind resided at a central installation. The various aspects of the intelligence were connected to the Warmind Network that linked itself together. Facilities that held the physical core of the intelligence were referred to as Warmind Vaults.

Damage to a Warmind's core could destabilise it and cause destruction over a large planetary surface.


  • Rasputin : one of the Warminds developed by the Bray family who developed the artificial intelligence to be an all-seeing saviour during the time of the Golden Age. It came to survive the events of the Collapse and became the last surviving Warmind by the time of the City Age. Rasputin had a number of Subminds within it that included; Charlemagn, Voluspa and Malahayati.


  • The Warminds were introduced and referenced in the backstory to Destiny.


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