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Warpsmiths in Miracle Man v1 #3.

The Warpsmiths are a species that feature in several universes.



The Warpsmiths

They came to encounter the Qys Imperium with the Warpsmiths fiercely protecting the Gulf Worlds from this foe. (Miracleman v1 #3)

At some point, the Qys were believed to had been incursions into the Warpsmith habitat on Hod. (Warrior v1 #9)


Distance was an abstract concept to their kind with them able to travel to the edges of infinity with a mere footstep. (Miracleman v1 #3)

They were divided into a caste-based society determined by colours which included:

  • Blue Warpsmiths :
  • Grey Warpsmiths :
  • Red Warpsmiths :
  • White Warpsmiths :
  • Black Warpsmiths : It was said that they were very tall and that one should not look at them directly as it confused the eye whilst petrifying the mind. (Warrior v1 #10)

They followed a strict code of conduct and were noted for being fierce in their dedication to protecting their territory. (Miracleman v1 #3)

It was said that they had attained a mastery of space with them being incredibly fast to the point that all other species seemed slow in movement compared to them. (Miracle Man v1 #13) Their ability to teleport was linked to derma-circuitry that was included on their person. (Warrior v1 #9) The technology allowed them to travel through time itself. (Warrior v1 #4)

Warpsmiths were capable of using skimmer transports in times when their teleportation systems were malfunctioning. (Warrior v1 #10)


  • Aza Chorn :
  • Phon Mooda :
  • Tenga Dril :
  • Uxu Chil :
  • Llans Ivo :


  • The Warpsmiths were created by Alan Moore and Garry Leach where they made their first appearance in Warrior Summer Special v1 #4 (1982).
  • In Gallifrey, the Warpsmiths of Phaidon appeared as a supporting race in the Doctor Who Expanded Universe in the Big Finish Doctor Who spin-off audio series produced in 2005 and 2006. They were referred to as a major temporal power that were involve in political negotiations over the use of time technology


  • Warrior v1:
  • Miracleman v1:

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