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The Warwolves are a group that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Warwolves were a group native to Mojoworld where they were genetically engineered by Mojo in order to act as agents of his will. They were one among his Wildways that originated from Mojoworld where a pack of six sentient canine/humanoid servants were artificially engineered by scientists.

The slavelord Tullamore Voge hired the Warwolves to track down the young X-Men leading to confrontation with Nightcrawler and Bloody Bess. (Nightcrawler v4 #11)


In appearance, the creatures had varying contrasting physical traits such as a vaguely lupine form with the hindquarters of a wolf but the forequarters of a humanoid and a avian styled head with a beak. They had solid pupil free eyes that ranged from red to silver and a silvery metallic skin. Their front limbs were capable of being used either as hands or as legs. They ranged from walking as bipeds to utilizing all four limbs for quadrapedal movement with their limbs holding sharp talons that were able to deal considerable damage to their prey. These constructs were genetically engineered for superhuman agility and stamina that allowed them to be very strong as well as considerably fast along with a remarkable leaping ability. Another trait of these creatures was their capacity to track their prey's scent similar to canines on Earth. Warwolves were also immune to direct attacks using psionic energy which added to their effectiveness as ruthless hunters.

Beyond the physical traits, they had the power to drain an individual's life force by using their bird-like tongues that can eventually leave their prey as an empty shell. This caused their victim's skeleton and internal organs to discorporate which left an intact skin behind. A more sinister trait was the capacity to steal the skin of their victim and wearing it as if it were a suit which was used to better blend with their surroundings. They were able to alter their shape in order to better don the skins in order to resemble their prey perfectly and even able to mimic the voices of their victims or other persons. Multiple Warwolves were also able to combine into a larger six headed form that had the ability to open portals back to their native dimension. When merging together psionically, they were able to retain their individual heads and psyches.

Despite their animalistic appearance, the Warwolves were in fact sentient intelligent beings with a well developed sense of social interaction. They were fully capable of speech, engaging in elaborate plotting and independent thought where they showed a strong sense of humor along with a fondness of televised entertainment.


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  • The Warwolves were created by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis where they made their first appearance in Excalibur Special Edition v1 #1 (April 1988).

In other media

The Warwolves hunting for Longshot.


  • In X-Men: The Animated Series episode "Longshot", the Warwolves were summoned to Earth by Gog during the hunt for the amnesiac fugitive leader Longshot after he encountered Jubilee and fled with her. The six creatures hunted the pair where they were cornered in an alley but saved by the timely arrival of Wolverine who helped defeat them. This resistance led to Gog and Spiral deciding to flee back to Mojo World through a portal with the Warwolves following them back to their home dimension. They were shown to hold a malleable skin that were able to reshape their skin after smashing into objects where they reverted into a liquid state whilst their forms changed back to their standard bodies.


  • Excalibur Special Addition v1 #1:

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