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The Watchers are a secret organization from Buffy-Angel.



The Watchers was a body that were responsible for responding to threats from the supernatural with these being achieved through their charges who were the Slayers. Their origins were traced to ancient times to a trio of mystics known as the Shadow Men who used magic to infuse a captive girl with the essence of a demon. This led to Sineya being transformed into the First Slayer who was to be used as a means of fighting demonic forces. In time, the descendants of the Shadow Men formed the Watchers as they created the organization of the Watcher Council. (Episode: End of Days)

In 1963, Roger Wyndam-Pryce was in Vienna alongside with several Watchers where they were investigating a vampire ransacking an orphanage. This led to them encountering Spike who was responsible for the massacre where he killed two of the Watchers before escaping. (Episode: Lineage)


The Council were said to fight evil with the Slayer being their instrument to accomplish this feat. Though Slayers changed, the Watcher Council was said to always remain with this having been the way since the beginning. (Episode: Checkpoint)

They were responsible for overseeing the Tento di Cruciamentum rite of passage that was made on a Slayer on their 18th birthday. Conservative members of the Council considered a time honoured traditions whilst others found it to be a brutal and barbaric ritual. It involved injecting a Slayer with chemicals that were muscle relaxants and adrenaline suppressors in order to weaken the person to the point that they had the abilities of an ordinary human. The Slayer was kept unaware of the test as they were then transported into a location to fight a dangerous vampire. The entire purpose of the rite was to test the Slayer's intelligence and practical capabilities in order to see them out-think their enemies as well as out-fight them. (Episode: Helpless)

Annually, they held an event that was the Watchers Retreat that was hosted by the Watchers Council in the Cotsworlds in England. It was considered a great honor to be invited to the event with activities such as horse riding, hiking and lectures being made during the retreat. (Episode: Faith, Hope & Trick)

The Watchers Council maintained their own teams of soldiers with these being the Special Operations Team. They were considered assassins who were believed to had never had a contract on a human being.

Each individual member of the organization maintained their own Watchers Diaries that were a collection of journals, logs and diaries kept by their ranks throughout the centuries. These contained the actions of the Slayer along with a few information about their various deaths over the years. (Episode: Angel) Another tome that belonged to the Council was the Watchers Codex which was a book on demonology. (Episode: Bring on the Night)


  • Quentin Travers :
  • Roger Wyndam-Pryce : an older male Watcher who was part of the Watcher Council and was the father of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. (Episode: Lineage)
  • Rupert Giles :
  • Wesley Wyndam-Pryce :
  • Gwendolyn Post :
  • Rutherford Sirk : a male Watcher who became disillusioned with his service and after the Watcher Council was destroyed he escaped taking several important tomes where he joined Wolfram & Hart where he was in charge of the Los Angeles branch's archives. (Episode: Home)


  • The Watchers were created by Joss Whedon where they featured in the setting of the Buffy-Angel universe.


  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Welcome to the Hellmouth"
  • Angel:

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