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Concept art of a Watcher.

The Watchers are an alien race that feature in the video game Dark Void.



The Watchers were a highly advanced alien species that originated from another world. They became a hardened species due to their past where their evolution took them down the "Left Hand Path". This extreme path involved intelligence over wisdom and strength over mercy. As they reached the zenith of their technological society, they were befallen with a horrible large scale conflict that destroyed the majority of their civilization as well as their world. The few survivors that managed to escape the cataclysm decided to rebuild their once great society and to do so elsewhere. To accomplish this feat, they decided to cross an inter-dimensional region of space known as the Void. Once through the portal, this merciless race arrived on a primitive planet that was known as Earth. The Void served as a gateway between worlds and this migration was known to had taken place around several hundred years ago in a time when mankind were simple primitive hunter gatherers when they fought against the animals of their world. These early humans were the ones who described the coming of the Watchers as arriving on "fiery chariots". A problem arose for the Watchers at this point as the devastation of their race meant that they were few in number and thus they decided that they would need a labor force in order to rebuild their society. However, humanity was simply too primitive at this stage in their evolution.

Thus, they embarked on a daring and ambitious plan that involved rapidly evolving mankind to the point that they would serve the Watchers. This went as far as involving genetic engineering with Watcher DNA being spliced into that of man which became the origin of the "Missing Link" between them as well as modern humans. This proved to be slow and laborous process as it involved the birth of men from Watcher maidens. As humans were enslaved by the Watchers, primitive mankind began to see the Watchers as gods who had given the gift of light as well as the fruits of knowledge to them thus delivering them from an age of ignorance to one of enlightenment. Eventually, to ensure the breeding of more inteligent and evolved humans, the Watchers were forced to relinquish the breeding program to mankind thus forcing them to reproduce by themselves without the oversight of their gods. Though the Watchers had carefully moulded human civilization into a form they desired, legends spoke that mankind gradually became unruly as their numbers grew greater under the Watchers rule. It was at this point that a group of humans who followed the "Right Hand Path" emerged and called themselves the Adepts. Mankind had grown beyond the Watchers control at this point and it was said that famine, floods and pestilence was brought on them but none had an affect on the evergrowing human populace. Ultimately, the Adepts led an uprising against the Watchers and a war erupted between man and their gods.

A Silver Pawn.

This rebellion lasted for many years as the Adepts fought against the Watchers which ultimately resulted in the alien invaders defeat. The Adepts according to obscure human legends stated that they cast the Watchers into the Void; the place in-between places where the path to their return was sealed. Their land of exile was an extradimensional region of space known as the Void; a location later found to possess an access point within the area known in later years as the Bermuda Triangle. This region of space appeared as a lush and beautiful land that was in actuallity a parallel world that was both harsh as well as hostile. It was cloaked from the rest of the Earth and was able to be accessed through vortices in the atmosphere. There, the Watchers remained for decades where they attempted to find a means to return back to Earth and reform their mighty civilization as well as their dominion over the human race. They were not entirely alone within the Void as a small number of primitive humans remained within them and retained their belief that the Watchers were gods. Within their exile, the Watchers began to manipulate their own genome and mixed it with humans. This led to the creation of the Larvae and the more insidious Watchers with the ability to shapeshift.

At some point, they discovered a means to travel out of the void and thus they plotted their return to rule once more. However, this time, they made use of more subtle methods and using their shapeshifting abilities to enter into the world. This eventually began to come to fruitrion into the 20th century. For many years, the Watchers tried to find a way to return to Earth and re-establish their civilization; eventually, they found a way out of the Void, and began to plot their return. During this time, many human travellers ended up being lost in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle where they became trapped in the Void. These bands of humans faced a harsh life as they were always hunted and killed by the Watchers robotic minions. Grouping together, they called themselves the Survivors with one of their leading members being Atem. Despite years of resistance, the Survivors never managed to defeat the Watchers but neither were their exterminated. During this time, the Watchers were known to covertly pass through the Void and into the Earth where they were secretly helping the Fascists such as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini and Hirohito in order to drive humanity into World War II. This great conspiracy had been put into place by the Watchers Elders for centuries as they had been manipulating humanity in order to pave the way for their return. This was partly accomplished by the Watcher Elders ability to shapeshift which they used to replace key world leaders as well as government officials of those nations that were conquered by the Fascists. This was in order to secretly take over these Earth governments in order to better facilitate their rise to power. They were even manufacturing primitive human weapons and equipment to arm the Fascists in order to better bring about their rise to power.

Whilst preparing, the Watcher Elders were aware of a prophecy that involved an enemy that would challenge their return to power. The prophecy referred to a human being who was called the "Key". Before 1939, a stranded human in the Bermuda Triangle called William Augustus Grey was suspected to be this prophecised individual. They believed that he was now located within the Void and made an effort to locate him to prevent him from stopping their plans. Later, a Watcher prison facility was raided by the Survivors led by Grey which later prompted the aliens in assaulting the resistance main base of operations; a location that they referred to as the Ark. By this point, the human scientist Nikolai Tesla had joined the Survivors in their war against the Watchers and added his scientific knowledge to their arsenal. Following the failure in destroying the Ark, the Elders redoubled their efforts in destroying Grey and stated that the current generation of Watchers were progeny of the 11th Bloodline who were the bearers of justice. Whilst dealing with this, they were already continuing their plans for subverting the Earth based human governments with shapeshifters with two days ago the Prime Minister of France being replaced by one of their own. Despite their success on this front, they were deeply worried about William Augustus Grey who would twist their assured victory into a defeat. Later, the Ark was tracked down in the Broken Lands leading to a skirmish in that region. This saw the Watchers deploying a Battleship in order to destroy the Ark but it was destroyed due to the intervention of Grey.


The Watcher Elders.

The species were noted for being reptilian in form and possessing a unique life cycle. Their early forms resemble a cross between a serpent and a slug which cannot interact with its environment in great detail. This necessitated the creation of robotic suits of armor that appear humanoid and allowed for the Watchers to move about their environment. The larger armored suits contained more mature Watcher specimens which showed more reptilian qualities with longer bodies that ended in a tail, a snake-like head with arms that had a membrane beneath them. These more mature members of the species were able to freely move about their environment without their suits and often pounced on their enemies but were quite vulnerable which was why they were wore their augmented robotic suits. If a suit was badly damaged, a Watcher typically abandoned their armor in order to attack their foe. Whilst appearing inhuman, the older Watchers such as the Elders appeared more humanoid in their appearance and spoke in a low whisper. Their skin tended to be a light shade of green with them possessing two arms that had three slender fingers and a single thumb.

When their armor was destroyed, it was typically seen that a blue liquid erupted from it though whether this was some form of liquid within the robotic suit or actual Watcher blood was unknown. Within their armor, the Watchers gained significant advantages over normal humans as they were far stronger and easily able to choke or snap the neck of a human being. Furthermore, their bodies were flexible and nimble enough to climb verticaly or horizontally on any surface allowing them to climb cliffs with ease or travel over cielings without suffering any effects of disorientation. A unique trait amongst the elderly Watchers was the capacity to shapeshift and thus transform their completely alien features to others forms such as humans. They were perfect mimics which allowed them to subvert Human governments by killing key individuals and replacing them with Watcher infiltrators.

There were different types of armor worn by the Watchers which included:

  • Pawns : the most basic and humanoid of the suits used by the aliens.
  • Knights : these were larger than Pawns with a long snake-like tail beneath them which they seomtimes used as melee weapons. Furthermore, they possessed two weaponized arms giving them long range firepower. They were always airborne and had a form of jetpack behind them allowing them to fly across their environments.

The goals of the Watchers was simple; to reclaim the Earth as their own once more as they did during ancient times. In terms of psychology, they were notable for being somewhat unpredictable in the sense that they changed tactics whenever they were losing a fight. This often made the Watchers a highly formidable opponent to face in battle as their strategies were never stagnant and constantly changing when facing opposition. In their interaction amongst humans, it was known that they often captured any specimens which they locked up in their prison complexes where they conducted extensive studies on them.


The Watchers were a highly advanced alien race with science far above that of 20th century humanity. They possessed not only flying craft but robotic technology which they heavily employed as well as made active use of energy based weaponry. Watchers typically made use of communication towers secreted across locations that were able to pick up primitive radio transmissions and monitor them. Their manufacturing capabilities were advanced enough that they were able to drill large hangers into the ground that were capable of allowing large transports to pass through them.

Notable hand held weaponry of the Watchers include:

  • Oppressor : a particle accelerator based energy weapon that held a 7.62mm cartridge and weighed 1.6kg with a barrel length of 420mm. Its primary means of firing was based on electromagnetic principles and was typically used by the Watchers Pawns. (Source: Dark Void website) These were the primary Watcher based assault rifles that served as an equivalent to rapid fire submachine guns.
  • Disintegrator : this disintegration gun was a short ranged particle disrupter with its projectiles exploding upon contact with a target.

Other hand held weapons include fusion grenades which Watcher Pawns used in order to flush out targets that are dug into their positions.

More automated weaponry included anti-aircraft guns that popped out from some of their installations. In addition, they made active use of ground based turrets that shielded their operators from direct fire in order to use them as support platforms for their infantry. In terms of defensive technology, the Watchers had the ability to deploy shields that were remotely powered by large floating generator complexes. These white doomed shields were impenetrable by normal means and required the disabling of their power sources.

In terms of vehicles, a common ship that the Watchers used were Flying Discs that served as fighter craft for their forces. They were not confined to using just these craft as they had much larger transports available to their forces. A much larger atmospheric vessel was also employed by them which was a forked shaped craft with a distinctive head feature as a bridge that were referred to as Battleships. They were covered with anti-aircraft guns and armed with a powerful main cannon that served as the pride of their fleet.

Their ground vehicles consisted of large Archons that were quadrapedal almost feral machines with long tails and a cone shaped head from which it could discharge powerful energy blasts capable of damaging transport ships.


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