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A Watcher alongside Noah.

The Watchers are angels that features in Noah.



The Watchers were Angels that were formed on the Second Day of Creation by God who was their Creator with them being made alongside Heaven. They were dispatched with watching over Adam and Eve in the days when mankind was young. These angels saw the frailty in humans but also their love along with their eventual fall. Thus, a group of their number came to pity them and chose to aid them by descending onto the surface despite their role being not to interfere. Their act of disobedience by helping mankind saw the Creator punish them with them falling to the surface. Once on Earth, they were encrusted by the mortal world causing rock and mud to shackle their once fiery glow. Despite their fall, the Watchers still decided to aid mankind with them teaching humans all they knew about Creation. As a result, humans with the Watchers help rose from the dust to become great and mighty. However, humans decided to turn the gifts given to them to violence with them turning against the Watchers and killing them. Only a single man by the name of Methuselah arose to defend them as they were being hunted with most of their kind being killed. A few of their number were kept alive as prisoners in their stony shells as they were marooned upon barren lands. By this point, the Watchers came to beg for the Creator to take them back to their home but they only received silence from Him. This was the fate of their kind for many years in the time when the lands became barren for much of mankind.

At this point, they found a lone man by the name of Noah who was the grandson of the old one Methuselah. Og came to believe the human when he claimed to had received a vision from the Creator about the end of the world. However, Samyaza led those Watchers that came to be resentful in humans and that they should kill any they encountered. Despite that, the left Noah and his family alive with them departing but unaware to him Og had sought out Noah as he believed the human was acting in the Creators name. He explained to him their history and stayed with them over the night but in the morning he was taken by his fellow Watchers. When confronted by Noah, they believed him to be a snake that would betray them and were prepared to kill him. However, at that point, water came from below the ground and formed a great forest around the site of Noah's home. Upon seeing the Creators will at action, the Watchers decided that Noah was indeed working on behalf of the Creator and agreed to aid them. Noah's vision had indicated that the end of the world was coming and that it would come in a great flood of water. He was charged with creating an Ark that was to be populated by animals of the Earth with the Watchers aiding him in this task.


Originally, the Watchers were angels who were not creatures of flesh or physical form but rather beings of light with them possessing wings. After disobeying the Creator, they were forced to the surface of the Earth where they lost their wings and their forms of light became embedded within rock and mud. These physical forms towered over humans with their humanoid rocky bodies possessing six arms. An aspect of their former form could be seen in their faces with their eyes glowing with yellow light. Their forms provided them with great strength to easily kill a human and their bodies were strong to resist ordinary attacks. Despite that, it was possible to kill a Watcher with many having been hunted and killed in the past. Their hides being made of stone allowed them to resist powerful flames that could burn humans.

Prior to their fall, the Watchers once resided in Heaven until they were punished by being stranded on Earth. Despite this being the case, they were knowledgeable about the history of existence and being aware of the time of Creation. This knowledge allowed them to teach mankind on how to build civilization and grow as a people. When humans turned against them, many of the Watchers came to resent mankind as a result and sought to adopt a life of being alone. Some of their kind even considered killing humans that came upon them. The Watchers regularly called out to the Creator to be allowed to return to Heaven. Some Watchers kept watch for those humans that were representatives of the Creator.


  • Samyaza : a Watcher who resented mankind.
  • Og : a Watcher who believed that Noah spoke on behalf of the Creator and sought to aid him.


  • The Watchers appeared in the setting of the Noah film.



  • Noah: (2014)

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