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Water-O is a planet that features in TigerSharks.



Water-O was an aquatic world that existed in the universe that was inhabited by the peaceful Waterians. Long ago, a villainous pirate by the name of Captain Bizzarly terrorised the world but the ancient Waterians managed to imprison him in ice. Through such means, the Waterians brought about peace to their world which was noted for its peaceful position in the galaxy.

At some point, a ship carrying a cargo of deadly X-400 crashed on Water-O with the TigerSharks being contacted. They dispatched one of their men by the name of Lorca who was sent to safely remove it as the material was strong enough to knock worlds out of orbit. Around this time, a group of unfriendly Mantennas led by T-Ray arrived seeking to expand their criminal operations. They were responsible for capturing Lorca and inadvertently freeing Captain Bizzarly from his icy prison. Initially, the two pirate bands were involved in fighting one another but came to form a tense alliance as the TigerSharks arrived on Water-O to investigate their missing comrade.


It was a world that was composed of 90% of water.

The inhabitants were a race of fish people that were able to survive both on land and in water. They were divided into male and female genders with their civilization being advanced. The Waterians were a peaceful race who built cities on land that were encased in protective domes.

It was governed by the Ruling Council of Water-O.

A location on their world was Seaberia that was a landmass composed entirely of ice with the Waterians using their advanced technology to freeze criminals into it. Those frozen were trapped unless the ice around them was melted to free them.


  • Papa Gallo : an older male Waterian who was part of the Ruling Council.
  • Hydra : a female Waterian who was part of the Ruling Council.
  • Gobi : a young male Waterian who was part of the Ruling Council.


  • Water-O featured as the setting of TigerSharks.


  • TigerSharks:

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