Wayne Carey

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Wayne Carey.

Wayne Carey was the son of Sheriff Carey. He lived with his father in the town of Saguaro Wells. He stayed out late one evening trying to get a stray calf, Gracie, to come back to the farm he tended with his father, and he and the cow were attacked by four Night Stalkers. Gracie was killed and Wayne bitten, but before the Stalkers could carry him off a posse of townspeople (who had already been searching the hills for other missing people) arrived and drove them off with a hail of gunfire. Although Wayne was rescued, he was unfortunately beyond saving. The townspeople took him back to Sheriff Carey's office, and the Sheriff ordered him taken to the hospital. By then the effects of the G-Virus had set in, and Wayne turned into a full-fledged zombie overnight.


Wayne's final fate remains unknown. The officer's log of Leon S. Kennedy merely states that "heroic efforts were needed to subdue the victim," but it can be assumed that the unfortunate young man had to be killed.

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