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Weather Report is a male character who features in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.



Weather Report (ウェザー・リポート Wezā Ripōto)

First introduced as suffering from amnesia, Weather aided Jolyne at Emporio's request. Distant and a little naive, he continues to assist Jolyne and her companions from there after. He serves as valuable back up for F.F., causing the sky to rain if she is too dehydrated. After Pucci absorbs Dio's bone, he mysteriously gains a Joestar birthmark. He joins Anasui -at the latter's insistence- in their search for Jolyne. Little is known about him as the story progresses until one of Dio's sons, Donatello Versace, stole his memories from Pucci's jacket. He regains his memories when Donatello's stand, Underworld, returns the disc to him.

Weather was actually Pucci's long lost twin brother, stolen and replaced from his hospital bed by a women disappointed by her own sickly child. He was therefore raised separately from his brother, living an average, some-what poor life. While he was working part-time in a restaurant, Weather (known by his adopted name, Wes) stopped a thief by throwing cans at him, smashing a window and nailing the thief in the process. The women's purse that he had saved belonged to Belladonna Pucci, Enrico's younger sister. The two dated afterwards and even became sexually intimate.

His happiness was short lived when Enrico hired a group of KKK-like men to attack him. Unfortunately, Belladonna was with him at the time, and the couple was savagely beaten. Unconscious and near-death, he was unable to prevent his girlfriend from committing suicide. Instead of joining her in death as he desired, he was ironically saved by the Stand creating Arrowtip that Dio had thrown. Bitter to his untimely savior, he first tried to commit suicide several times (some of which include shooting himself in the head, throwing himself off a cliff, drowning) only to be saved by his Stand time and time again. Vengeful, he turned to assaulting his attackers and was successful in killing the leader of the KKK group. Eventually, he tracked Pucci down as the man who had hired his demise. Before the fight had begun, Pucci ripped Weather's memory from him. Knowing that he (Pucci) didn't have the power to kill him, he had Weather arrested for the murders he had committed (one of which he was framed for as Belladonna's) and left him to rot in prison.

With his memories returned to him, Weather renewed his thirst for vengeance on Pucci. Anasui, demanding that they shift their focus on finding Jolyne, relented when he heard Weather's resolution. Weather felt that he was on his death bed and didn't want anyone else to join him. He wasn't afraid to face death, feeling cheated from death for the last twenty years. With the birthmarks, Weather hunted Enrico easily and the brothers finally fought. Although the fight was obviously in Weather's favor, Jolyne crashed a car nearby distracting Weather from the finishing blow. Pucci used this chance of weakness to stab Weather through the heart with his hand. In his last moments, he was able to wrestle his Stand disk away from Pucci, a gift he left for Jolyne. His vengeance was ultimately delivered when Emporio used Weather's Stand to defeat Pucci.


Personality and attributes

When deprived from his memories, Weather was mellow and eccentric. He would boldly stand a few inches next to Jolyne's face to get her attention rather than call her name. He was trustworthy and compassionate, rescuing those in need without caring for his own safety. Unless someone he knew was in danger, Weather hardly panicked.

Upon his memories return, he reveals his true sinister colors. While still retaining his previous passion for his friends, he isn't afraid to flaunt his powers for his own amusement. Smiling when he shocks unsuspecting victims or even skipping in joy amongst his hazardous rainbows, Weather's newer personality frightened Anasui. His melancholy over his memories soon consumes him and drives him to settle things with Pucci.

Powers and abilities

Weather Report (ウェザー・リポート wezā ripōto): a versatile Stand that has control over weather. His stand is usually in a cloud humanoid shape. His stand can quickly formulate these vapors to stop or distort his enemies attacks. He can also use his Stand to bring otherwise unlikely elements of the weather to rain down on enemies. In such a case, he used poisonous frogs to protect Jolyne against Pucci. He can also instantly freeze liquids at the single touch.

Heavy Weather When Weather restores his memories, his stand regained several abilities previously lost to it. In addition to the abilities stated above, his stand could alter the atmosphere and hence the projection of light, creating various rainbows to fill a vicinity. If someone were to graze into the projected light, their bodies would morph into a snail due to subliminal messages, rendering them weak to salt and practically immobile. He can also electrocute anyone who comes in contact with his body. His stand can fill a room completely full with oxygen, paralyzing an opponent indefinitely.


  • Weather Report was created by Hirohiko Araki where he featured in the setting of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean.

In other media

Video games


  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: "Stone Ocean"

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