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The werechicken is a supernatural entity capable of possessing normal chickens. Once it does so, it can turn them into humanoid creatures, able to spread an infection that turns humans into new werechickens under the light of the full moon. A cure can be effected using chickenbane. If an infected werechicken lays an egg, it will hatch a purebred werechicken, which can grow to gigantic size and spread the affliction like its parents. However, this pure werechicken's spirit can be caught in a proton beam like a ghost, though it is too powerful for conventional capture.

The Ghostbusters had to deal with a werechicken problem at one point, during which Egon Spengler was infected. (He was later cured, once partially, and once completely.)


  • The Real Ghostbusters: "Poultrygeist" (1988)
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