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Wesley is a comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



He returned to serve under the Kingpin when Fisk had maneuverer himself into becoming the mayor of New York. Wesley expressed concerns about Matt Murdock serving as Wilson's deputy mayor. (Daredevil v1 #597)

In an effort to expose Mayor Fisk, Daredevil along with a group of allies kidnapped James Wesley to find out information to send his employer to prison. To contain his loose end, the Kingpin dispatched an assassin by the name of Vigil to eliminate Wesley who was ultimately killed despite the heroes attempt at protecting him. (Daredevil v1 #610)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Wesley was created by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli where he made his first appearance in Daredevil v1 #227 (February, 1986).
  • It was never established what the characters full name was in the comics.

In other media


  • In Netflix's Daredevil, the character appeared in the live-action series where he was called James Wesley and was portrayed by actor Toby Leonard Moore. He was shown as being Wilson Fisk's right hand man, confidante and his only friend. Wesley operated as the face of his employer's organization where he handled the operations among Fisk's various allies along with subsidiaries. In his role, he served as Fisk's personal assistant, interpreter and manager for the operations of his criminal empire. During the course of events, he learnt that Karen Page had met with Fisk's mother and therefore was close to discerning his identity as the one behind the various illegal enterprises in the city. Wesley confronted her and attempted to blackmail when a phone call from Risk distracted him allowing for Karen to kill him with his own gun. His body was later discovered by Wilson Fisk who was saddened at the loss of his friend.


  • In Daredevil, the character appeared in the 2003 live-action film where he was called Wesley Owen Welch and played by actor Leland Orser. This version appeared as the Kingpin's right-hand man where he operated as Fisk's personal assistant with him being squeamish and cowardly. Wesley reported Bullseye failure to Kingpin and attempted to encourage Fisk to increase security to deal with the inevitable arrival of the vigilante Daredevil. When Fisk refused, Wesley departed to go to a bar where he was confronted by Detective Nick Manolis who offered him a plea bargain in exchange for him betraying his employer.


  • Daredevil 1:

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