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Wally West in The Flash v5 #41.

Wally West is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.





He along with his wife and children were later brought back to Earth by seven members of the Legion of Super-Heroes who had journeyed to the present to use their lightning rode devices. Upon his return, he was offered membership by Hal Jordan into the new incarnation of the Justice League of America which he accepted. (Justice League of America v2 #10)

Wally had ignored much of his responsibilities to the Justice League as he instead devoted his time to his own life leading to Wonder Woman having a quick talk with him about returning to his duties. (Justice League of America v2 #20)

The New 52


Personality and attributes

The West family in Flash v2 #231.

For a brief moment, he came to be known as Kid Lantern when he operated as a Green Lantern. (Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold v1 #2)

He first met Wonder Woman when he was 13 years old possibly where he thought she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen and wanted to impress her along with wanting to get her respect. This position did not change even when he grew up as he was always amazed when he saw her helping people. A compliment from her made him grin that was similar to a first grader that had a crush on their homeroom teacher. (Justice League of America v2 #20)

Powers and abilities

As a speedster, it was said that he had a high-velocity brain. (JLA v1 #16) Whilst able to heal, the super-fast metabolism meant that viral infections were only accelerated to spread faster in his body if he attempted to use it to recover in such conditions. (JLA v1 #32) He could vibrate the molecules in objects such as statues placing their status as hyperspeed in order for them to generate heat making them a kind of radiator. (JLA v1 #55)

On an instinctual level did he vibrate his body if he felt the pressure of a bullet allowing him in an instant allow bullets to pass through him. (JLA v1 #44)

Among his Speed Force derived abilities included the:

  • Infinite Mass Punch : by using the Speed Field and accelerating towards approaching lightspeed, his body's mass began to increase towards infinity with him being able to strike with an incredibly powerful punch able to send powerful superhumans flying across continents. (JLA v1 #3) Thus, as the faster he went the more mass he generated until he reached lightspeed whereupon his fists could strike with the force of a white dwarf star. (Flash v2 #148)

He could impart some of his super-speed to another person to accelerate their metabolism thus increasing their natural healing process. (JLA v1 #16) Wally could steal the speed from the metabolisms of wounded people in order to control any bleeding. (JLA v1 #80)

His speedsuit was noted to be able to absorb the kinetic energy from bullets. (JLA v1 #16) As his suit was molded out of the Speed Force itself it meant that there was nothing metallic to polarise on it thus preventing it from being manipulated by those who could control metal. (JLA v1 #59)

When he briefly lost his powers, Hal Jordan provided him a Power Ring that tapped into his own abilities as a Green Lantern. Thus, he could fly and also create constructs so long as his will was strong enough. (Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave and the Bold v1 #2)


  • Wally West was created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino where he made his first appearance as Kid Flash in The Flash v1 #110 (December, 1959) and debuted as the Flash in Crisis on Infinite Earths v1 #12 (March, 1986).

Alternate Versions

Dark Flash Walter West in Flash Secret Files and Origins v1 #2.
  • In The Flash v2 #150 (1999), Walter West from an alternate future was shown where his wife Linda Park leading to succumbing to grief and brutally stopping criminals. He later went back in time to the modern day in order to replace the Wally West from that era and take his life so he could be with that world's version of Linda Park.

In other media


  • In the DC Animated Universe, the Flash made multiple appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Superman: The Animated Series, the Flash first appeared in the animated television as a guest star in the episode "Speed Demons" where he was voiced by actor Charlie Schlatter.
    • In Justice League, the Flash returned in the animated television series where he was voiced by actor Michael Rosenbaum. It was revealed in the "Starcrossed" cross-over that this version of the character was Wally West.
    • In Justice League Unlimited, the Flash appeared in the animated television series where he was once again voiced by actor Michael Rosenbaum.
  • In Teen Titans, Kid Flash appeared in the animated television series as a guest star where he was once more voiced by actor Michael Rosenbaum.
  • In Young Justice, Wally West appeared as Kid Flash in the animated television series where he was voiced by actor Jason Spisak.


Video games

  • In Young Justice: Legacy, Wally West as Kid Flash appeared as a playable character in the video game where he was voiced again by actor Jason Spisak.


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