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Weyland-Yutani is a business that features in the Alien universe.




The history of Weyland-Yutani was rooted in the early part of the 21st century where there were two primary founders to the company. The first was Weyland Industries which was led by Charles Weyland who led his company in the discovery of an unknown civilization in Antartica when satellite scans revealed a pyramid beneath the ice. He later travelled to the location with an exploration team who were isolated during a struggle between an alien race of Hunters and a serpentine species also of extraterrestrial origin. During the skirmish, Charles Weyland was killed by one of the Hunters whilst he attempted to stop it from killing further members of his expedition. (Alien versus Predator) Shortly after this chain of events, another Japanese company known as the Yutani Corporation led by Ms. Yutani had one of her agents acquire an alien Hunter's plasma caster from the destroyed town of Gunnison, Colorado. (Alien versus Predator: Requiem)

Building Better Worlds

At some point in the distant future, Weyland-Yutani recieved a transmission from the USCSS Nostromo; a heavy cargo vessel carrying thousands of tonnes of ore from its return tip from Thedus to Earth. During their journey back, they recieved a distress signal from the planet LV-426. After arriving, they discovered an alien vessel continuing a large chamber with several organic formations. One of these was actually a alien egg which implanted a Facehugger onto one of the crewmen. After hearing of this through the Nostromos Synthetic officer, Weyland-Yutani ordered the acquisition of the alien at any cost - including the death of the crew. As a result, the alien specimen killed each of the crew one of by one leaving only a single survivor; Ellen Ripley who managed to survive on an escape ship after she killed the grown alien by jettising its body into space. (Alien)

The first movie does not reference Weyland-Yutani by name and it was simply referred to as "the company".

Sometime after this event, Weyland-Yutani allowed for colonists to be sent to LV-426 in order to terraform the planet without ever informing the human crews of the previous discovery of the Nostromo. Fifty seven years after the incident, a passing vessel managed to uncover Ripley's escape ship and revived her from hypersleep after she was returned to Earth. Once there, she was debriefed by Weyland-Yutani who were her employers and sent to explain her actions to the company's board of directors as they did not believe her story of an alien since there was no evidence. Thus, she loses her space flight license for her "questionable actions" that led to her in self destructing the Nostromo which was a huge loss due to the amount of cargo onboard the vessel. Later, Weyland-Yutani had their representative Carter Burke attempt to convince Ripley to join a military expedition to LV-426 which was now designated "Acheron". Whilst she was led to believe the expedition was to terminate the aliens; she did not know of Burke's mission to acquire one of the creatures for study for the company's bio-weapon's division. (Aliens)



In appearance, the Company was a large interplanetary business organization that was based on Earth.

Among the Company's products included:

  • Weyland Modular Computing Device :
  • Pauling MedPod 720i :

For years, it was said to be policy for a Synthetic to be stationed on-board starships.

Weyland had also built space capable vessels such as the Heliades class space exploration vessels.


  • Charles Weyland :
  • Michael Bishop :
  • Carter Burke :
  • Ellen Ripley :


  • The first Alien movie makes no mention of Weyland-Yutani and it was simply referred to as "the company"; its prominence grew by the time of the sequel.

In other media


  • In Angel, Weyland-Yutani made a cameo appearance in the fifth and final season of Angel where its shown as one of the clients of Wolfram and Hart.

Video games

  • In Aliens versus Predator, Weyland-Yutani appeared in the setting of the 1999 FPS video game. It was shown that their experiments on Xenomorphs involved the creation of a supersoldier breed outfitted with cybernetics with such specimens referred to as the Xenoborg.
  • In Aliens versus Predator 2, Weyland-Yutani appeared in the setting of the 2002 FPS video game. They were shown to had discovered the world designated LV-1201 which contained a Xenomorph hive that they studied. The chief research scientist and director of the facility was Dr. Arnaud Eisenberg with security being handled by a PMC known as the Iron Bears.
  • In Aliens versus Predator: Extinction, Weyland-Yutani appeared in the setting of the strategy-based video game. It was shown to had operated on the resource-rich world of LV-742 where they discovered Xenomorphs existing on the planetary surface. One of its researchers named Dr. Samuel Kadinsky studied the creatures as part of a series of genetic research. This involved manipulating the creatures biology where they successfully created the K-Series that were bred to serve the Company and had distinctive yellow skin with these being treated as hostile by the original Xenomorph breeds.
  • In Aliens: Colonial Marines, Weyland-Yutani appeared in the setting of the action FPS video game. It was shown that after the colony of Acheron was destroyed that the company had established a new research facility at the site of the alien vessel on LV-426 with this being known as the Origins Facility.
  • In Alien versus Predator, Weyland-Yutani appeared heavily in the plot of the video game.
  • In Alien: Isolation, Weyland-Yutani appeared in the plot of the video game.



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