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Whitney Chang is a female reporter that features in The Amazing Spider-Man video game.



Whitney Chang grew as a teenager at Sunset Park in Brooklyn where at some point she saw her neighbor being accused of a crime he had not committed. This led to him being slandered for days whereupon he was wrongly murdered by an angry mob. This led to her dedicating her life to uncovering the truth no matter the cost. She eventually graduated from Yale University but her looks made it difficult for anyone to seriously treat her as a journalist. This led to her quitting her a job as a host of a music video channel and instead sneaking onto a flight to Iraq when American troops began storming Baghdad. She managed to get a number of insightful photographs during highly dangerous conditions which proved her worth as a reporter. This demonstration of her commitment and willingness to put herself in danger led to her growing career.

Chang would report on the Daily Bugles New Network of the death of David Carradine at the hands of a murderer known as the Carnage Killer. She would also comment of the divided public opinion over the vigilante Spider-Man. Some of her findings led to the discovery of wide spread corruption and police brutality of the Enhanced Crime Task Force though lacked evidence to show this to the public.


Personality and attributes

Critics had pointed out that Chang was more interested in the truth instead of ratings.

She has shown to engage in flirtatious banter with Spider-Man but seemingly had no time for actual romance as she was more concerned with getting pictures for her stories.

Powers and abilities

One piece of equipment commonly seen on her person was a camera which she used to take pictures.


  • The character was voiced by Claudia Black and is an original creation for the game.


  • The Amazing Spider-Man: (2012)

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