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The Wild Pack are a team that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Wild Pack were a mercenary team formed in the nation of Symkaria that was formed by the Silver Sable Ernst Sablinova. Originally, they were founded to aid the government in hunting down Nazi war criminals in the wake of World War II. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #265)

Under the direction of Silver Sablinova, the purpose of the Wild Pack changed as they hunted anyone for a price with them operating as paid mercenaries. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #265)

During her missions, ten of her operations came to fail due to either betrayals or incompetence from the newer members of the Wild Pack. This caused Sable to decide to disband the group and announce her retirement though in reality she continued to work on a mission to save a kidnapped girl. (Sable and Fortune v1 #1)

After Symkaria fell under the control of Countess Karkov, the Wild Pack were formed as a resistance group by Silver Sable looking to liberate their homeland from Katarina and her ally Norman Osborn. (Amazing Spider-Man v4 #27)



  • Ernst Sablinova :
  • Silver Sablinova :
  • Battlestar :
  • Sandman :
  • Prowler :
  • Puma :
  • Rocket Racer :
  • Paladin :
  • Le Peregrine :
  • Cat :


  • The Wild Pack were created by Gregory Wright, Steve Butler, and Jim Sanders where they made their first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man v1 #265 (June, 1985).

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