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The Wildfire Project was the name of an organization and facility that featured in The Andromeda Strain.



The Wildfire Project was created by the U.S. government after a wave of terrorism came upon the country which made use of biological weapons. In order to combat deadly plagues and infections, the government created the Wildfire project which picked the leading scientists in the field of medicine who would attempt to find a cure. At the time of its creation, the project was kept secret with the various scientists filing out forms that required their participation should a crisis ever emerge.

When a satellite crash landed on Earth which brought about the outbreak of a disease codenamed Andromeda, the Wildfire Project was assembled to find a cure for this rapidly adapting and deadly infection.


Response Team

The Wildfire Reponse Team consisted of five scientists who were the leading experts in their fields.

The team consisted of:


The facility where the project was located was top secret and only known to the project head as well as the highest ranking individuals within the government. Its appearance was that of a simple small fenced base containing a few houses with a guard present at the gates. This was to disguise the facility from potential outside threats. After entering clearance, a secret passage would open with a decontamination bluish liquid pours down. Those scientists that came from the field go through the procedure in order to prevent any pathogens or infections from entering the facility.

It is there that the true extent of the facility is revealed which is five levels underground the surface. The top two levels are for maintenance personnel who live on site and rotated every three months. The lower three levels are where the main labs are located and where the scientists work. This includes the culture facilities as well as the Nursery where tanks are located that serve as breeders to cultivate potential cures. The entire base is controlled through a complex computer system that aids the scientists in their experiments as well as sealed laboratories.

The base connected through a central utility shaft at the bottom of which is where the bases power source is located. A small water powered nuclear reactor which serves as a failsafe mechanism in case the facility was compromised which would cause the reactor to enter into a self destruct mode thus destroying the facility until the designated person as well as access code were entered within the narrow detonation countdown.

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