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Wisdom Inc. is a business organization that features in the video game EOE: Eve of Extinction.


Wisdom Incorporated was a powerful business entity with its origins being unknown except that it existed within the United States by the early part of the 21st century. It quickly became a multi-national conglomerate that became the pioneer in the field of technological advancement which included experimentations in DNA manipulation, cloning and genetic modifcation of food. This made it a rising titan in the field of bio-genetics though its success was meant to hide a darker purpose which was the development of a unique field of weapons that were code named "Legacy". These weapons were a fusion of an ancient metal called Orichalchum and merging it with the human nervous system. The destructive power unleashed became a prime component in underground weapon deals by the corporation. By monopolizing this advantage, the company gained a vast source of revenue and power whereupon it harboured new ambitions; global domination by controling the worlds militaries. In the background, Wisdom Inc. was involved in numerous shadow fights with criminals entities in order to gain control and grow as a result.

Under the mask of bettering their knowledge of bio-genetics, the corporation would hire new researchers and employees in order to advance its knowledge. Two such individuals were Josh Calloway and Elliel Evergrand; a pairing that Wisdom Inc deliberated forced as part of their plans for "Legacy". During the course of their employment, Calloway and Evergrand did a secret investigation into the company and learnt of its insidious plots. However, in the midst of their escape, they were caught and capture by Wisdom Inc who subjected Calloway to a series of experimentations. At the same time, they rewired the nervous system of Elliel Evergrand in order to create the latest model of "Legacy" code named "E.O.E.". As a result her soul became the core of the most deadly and powerful version of "Legacy". After Elliel's transformation into the latest "Legacy", Josh and the prototype were transported by helicopter "Paralda" to the Eastern seaboard in order to begin a trial run experiment. A malfunction occured during transport which allowed Josh Calloway to grab the E.O.E. prototype and escape whereupon he swore revenge against Wisdom Inc. and began a campaign to reforge his girlfriend back to her physical form as well as save the world from the corporations evil plans.


  • Alga (CEO)
  • Dr. Wiseman (Head Researcher)
  • Hans
  • Magnus
  • Yanjun Zong ("Raven")
  • Viper
  • Vixen
  • Z
  • Zera (Company Secretary)
  • Josh Calloway (Researcher)
  • Elliel Evergrand

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