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For other uses of this name, see Wizard (disambiguation).

A wizard is an adept practicioner of Magic. Wizards are common in fantastic worlds outside of the "normal" reality, although the Earth universe has also had its share of great wizards. They may draw their power from a variety of sources, including internal power, magical objects, alien entities, or secret knowledge of the inner workings of the universe.

Some of the more famous wizards known include Merlin, Gandalf, Mandrake, Albus Dumbledore and Elminster. The term for a female wizard is technically "wizardess," but it is rarely used (terms such as "sorceress" are more common).

Dungeons and Dragons

A distinction is drawn between wizards (or mages), who draw their power from study and practice, and sorcerers, who draw their power from innate magical strength.

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